July IT Events Digest

    Summer is approaching the middle, the long-awaited heat sets in and brings consequences: community activity is slightly reduced, and conferences begin to be held somewhere closer to greenery and water. Nevertheless, we have gathered another portion of events, where there are hackathons, and international congresses, and festivals, and, of course, small meetings of interest.

    Go meetup

    When: June 29
    Where: Kazan, st. Aivazovsky, 3a
    Terms of participation: free of charge, registration is required

    Opportunity for developers on Go to spend another evening in a good company with communication, drawings, souvenirs, and most importantly - reports. The speakers will share their experience in organizing a routine, developing a validator request to a logical ending, accurately handling errors in microservices, and at the same time they will tell you why templates are needed for them and how they are made.

    PhotoHack NSK

    When: June 29-30
    Where: Novosibirsk, ul. Deputatskaya, 46, BC "Citicenter"
    Terms of participation: free of charge, registration is required

    Novosibirsk developers can still catch the last car of the initial stage of the hackathon in the development of an image generator. The task for the teams is to create a prototype viral web service that creates Facebook posts and descriptions. The toolkit can be used by anyone, but the organizers provide interested APIs for processing photos and software for creating photo templates. Each team needs to have one computer with Adobe Photoshop installed. The prize fund is 600,000 rubles.

    Cryptography. Mitap Cyber ​​Security Club Moscow

    When: June 30
    Where: Moscow, ul. 2nd Chernogryazskaya, 6, building 2
    Participation conditions: free of charge, registration is required

    Pilot meeting of Moscow cryptography specialists, the opportunity to meet with the organizers and colleagues in the workshop, as well as participate in the formation of the agenda for future meetings. The program is supposed with elements of improvisation: the organizer will prepare an introductory presentation, after which the conversation will go to areas of interest to the audience. Papers from participants are welcome.

    Open Source Database Meetup

    When: July 1
    Where: Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt., 39, p. 79
    Terms of participation: free, registration required

    As the mitas of the Moscow MySQL User Group, there is only more information and a pronounced educational focus. For three hours, high-level developers and practitioners will talk about the cases that were allowed when working with open DBMSs, from reconciling MySQL with high loads to the features of the SWIM protocol.

    Open Day at Luxoft

    When: July 3
    Where: Moscow, 1st Volokolamskiy proezd, 10, p. 3
    Terms of participation: free, registration required

    Luxoft company invites you to visit: see where and how the team developers work, ask them about projects and just walk around the office. Throughout the evening, employees will make presentations (various topics - building a trading platform, horizontal scaling without changing the architecture, the interaction of services within Spring Cloud and more), so guests can choose and listen to the speeches that interest them.


    When: July 4
    Where: Tver, st. Sovetskaya, 7
    Terms of participation: free, registration is required

    Network and network security issues with case studies from Fortinet, Juniper Networks, Extreme Networks and other global manufacturers. Analysis of useful cases and a little less formal communication for beer and snacks. Registration ends eight hours before the event (18:00 local time), you can come at any time.

    Geek Picnic

    When: July 6-7
    Where: St. Petersburg, Primorsky Victory Park
    Participation conditions: from 1300 rub.

    A major open-air festival for anyone interested in technology and innovation. The theme of the year this time sounds tempting - "Live forever." Developers will be especially interested in the Campus section, which presents educational content of a scientific and technical orientation. The section includes Gamedev, AI, Hard IT platforms, as well as a number of sites with projects and lectures on various branches of science - from space to the very technologies of immortality. You can take a break from self-education in the Picnic section with different types of entertainment (book zone, meetings with authors, tables, retrogaming, a movie theater), and get thrills in the WOW! Sections, where all the best things are collected - world famous celebrities, four-legged robots and races on thrash cars.

    iOS Party

    When: July 9th
    Where:Yekaterinburg, st. Khokhryakova, 10
    Terms of participation: free of charge, registration is required

    Traditional summer meeting of iOS developers in the Yandex office. This time, the community has a lot to discuss: after WWDC 2019, it became clear that with the introduction of the new SwiftUI framework, serious changes are coming for all processes and development tools. These changes and plans for the coming year will be discussed. Also, speakers who attended the conference personally will share their impressions and talk more about the announcements.

    MITAP on JAVA development

    When: July 9
    Where: Moscow, Middle Kalitnikovskaya, 28, p. 4
    Terms of participation: free, registration is required

    The developers of X5 Retail Group are looking for colleagues who also write in Java to exchange stories from life and learn something new. How did the Optional class evolve from version to version? Is Kotlin so good, as is commonly believed? How many abstractions do you need to plan a car on a flight? These and other questions will be answered at the meeting at the company’s office.

    Hydra 2019

    When: July 11-12
    Where: St. Petersburg, Victory Square, 1
    Participation conditions: from 215 euros

    International event on distributed systems. Among the participants are experts from Russian and foreign universities and market leaders. The reports are divided into two streams and marked in the program with markers corresponding to different directions and levels of difficulty. At the moment, about twenty performances have already been announced: data synchronization, reduced latency, testing, optimal data storage methods.

    PeerLab Kirov Meetup

    When: July 13-14
    Where: Kirov, Sloboda region, Settlement of programmers
    Terms of participation: from 1250 rubles.

    A conference on the interaction between IT specialists in different scenarios: teamwork, communication at interviews, speaking to the audience at community meetings or at internal events. Speakers (developers in leadership positions, product managers, psychologists) will help students understand how and why to develop the ability to convey thought and establish contact. The conference will be held outside the city - a tent camp, volleyball, beach, barbecue are included.

    404 CAMP

    When: July 19-21
    Where: Samara, Volga Discovery Camping Park (transfer from Barboshin Polyana stop)
    Participation terms: from 1200 rubles.

    A traditional summer retreat, where a balance is maintained between a complete outdoor recreation and a deep immersion in the problems of development. More than five hundred specialists will gather to discuss, first of all, the transition to the new Angular, TensorFlow Lite on Swift, neural networks, the advantage of open source, Vue.js 3 and so on, but in the meantime to participate in visas and sports days, learn saberfighting, arm wrestling and cooking shawarma, kayaking and listening to DJs.

    Meet & Hack 2019

    When: July 22-26
    Where: Innopolis, ul. Universitetskaya, 1
    Terms of participation: free of charge according to the selection results

    A comprehensive workshop for students, graduate students and novice developers who want to improve their level. The first two days of the event will be given to a series of workshops from the employees of the Open Mobile Platform, where students will get acquainted with various development tools and basic APIs, as well as receive recommendations on interface design. Then the practical part will follow - the hackathon, where students will be able to apply new knowledge, united in teams. To participate, you must pass the qualification task, which will be sent to the post after registration.

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