ListenIt - Google Chrome extension for automatically creating audio versions of articles

Hello! My name is Eugene, I created the ListenIt extension for the Google Chrome browser. The extension allows you to automatically create audio versions of articles, and readers to listen to them directly from the site.


It so happened that I’ve been using various Google Chrome extensions for voice acting for years, this is very useful for people with poor eyesight or just for those who don’t want to get stuck on 1 page without being able to do anything else. Thanks to such extensions, it becomes possible to flip through your favorite site or go about your business while listening to some interesting article.

But all such extensions had a minus, basically the principle of their work was - select and listen. And it so happened that sometimes it was necessary to highlight different advertising banners in order to completely highlight and voice the article. Also, in many extensions, problems with normal Russian voice acting.

So the idea was born to create your own extension that can be adapted for each site separately without the need to select text, just by clicking on a button and listening in good Russian voice acting.


To date, the extension has only the voice acting functionality of a certain number of sites, namely 5 sites.

List of voiced sites at the moment

The extension adds a button for voice acting to the extreme corners of the site, when clicked, the voice of an open article begins.

Voice button on

Yandex SpeechKit is used for voice acting, I have not yet found a good alternative for working with the Russian language.

The extension has a fairly simple interface, if the site is "voiced" the extension will show with all its appearance that you can listen to material from this site, or vice versa you can’t.

Extension interface

Future plans

At the moment, only 5 sites have been added so that it is possible to properly track all possible errors for each site separately, if I added 20 sites at once it would be more difficult, but I plan to expand the number of sites in large numbers.

Also, only one play button is now available from the functional, which will also change, buttons will be added to fast forward / rewind the article.


At the moment, the expansion is in the testing phase , there is no monetization, everything is done "for people from people". I am sure that there will be errors that need to be fixed, therefore I will be very grateful for feedback about errors to or in the comment. I will be glad to your suggestions on what sites to add and what changes to make.

PS Users from Ukraine may have problems due to lack of access to Yandex

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