Headsets Overview Snom A150, Snom A100M and D

    In continuation of a series of Snom product reviews, today we will introduce you immediately to three headsets: Snom A150, Snom A100M and D.

    Snom a150

    This wireless DECT headset, like any Handsfree device, is designed to enable you to talk on the phone without having to hold it in your hands. This may be necessary during long telephone calls or conference calls when constantly holding the phone near your ear is very tiring. When talking through a headset, you can simultaneously write, enter information into a file on your computer and do any other necessary business. For example, you can stretch yourself, walk, walk to the cooler, coffee machine, etc., since the radius of the DECT communication inside the rooms reaches 25 meters. And to end the current conversation, answer another call, decrease or increase the volume - there is no need to go to the base or phone.

    Convenient buttons are located at the end of the headset, allowing you to easily answer calls and end a conversation with a light touch, as well as adjust the volume in the headphone. In addition to the buttons, there is an LED at the end that signals an incoming call and low battery.

    The headset is put on the rim in the ear, and the earpiece is equipped with an anatomically shaped insert. The package includes several additional earplugs of various shapes.

    The configuration of the headband holder is well thought out, and the headset itself is so light (only 25 grams) that the ear does not get tired at all even after wearing it for many hours. When testing, we often had cases when we simply forgot about the headset.

    The Snom A150 has several degrees of freedom: firstly, the ear rim rotates around its axis:

    Secondly, a rod with a microphone rotates on a large round hinge, if desired, it can be turned at least to the back of the head:

    Finally, the bar deviates in a small range closer to the cheek or further from it.

    In other words, the Snom A150 can be customized to fit any structure of the ears and face.

    The headset, along with the charging station, is small in size and takes up very little space on the table. And thanks to its shape and quality materials, the headset on the dock also looks pretty.

    The microphone on the Snom A150 is highly sensitive, equipped with noise reduction. The kit includes a USB dongle A230 , through which the headset establishes a DECT connection with the sound source. It can be any 3xx or 7xx series Snom phone, C520 conference phone or personal computer.

    Snom A100M and A100D

    The next headset that we will consider is the wired Snom A100 of two modifications, M and D.

    The Snom A100M is a monaural wired headset with one earbud. Her weight is only 56 grams. excluding wire. Despite the simple appearance of the headset, the A100M is equipped with a high-quality speaker that provides high-definition broadband sound.

    Comfortable ear pads made of high-quality artificial leather allow you to use the headset all day and not feel discomfort.

    The flexible bar rotates 300 degrees, and the position of the microphone can be conveniently and easily customized for you. Passive noise canceling microphone provides high-quality transmission of your voice, without interference and extraneous noise.

    The headset comes with a cable with a Quick Release (QR) 4P4C connector, as well as several QR adapters (for USB, as well as audio and audio jacks 3.5 and 2.5 mm), so you are unlikely to have difficulty connecting the headset to phones or conferencing devices.

    Snom 100D differs from Snom 100M only in the presence of a second speaker and stereo sound. Yes, the headset occupies both ears, but it is more comfortable to use.

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