Regression or regression in testing

I will not write about myself (who I am and what I do). My article may answer these questions.

I can not tolerate this pain and hear how some definitions in testing are pronounced incorrectly.

Yes, I am a tester. Although my relatives are constantly asking me - “Are you exactly a tester? Not like! ”Very funny.

In general, the article today is about. How to say - regression or regressivetesting? What do you think? Personally, I and my “normal” colleagues are busy most of the time at work, conducting regression testing. Hmm ... Or maybe they do all the same regression testing? I'll go ask my guys. And so I, in search of truth, conducted a small survey among 20 people. The poll is easy with one question - “hello! are you doing regression or regression testing? ” Most of them said “regressive”, two people said it was the same for them, one said “regressive”. The survey was not enough for me, and I went to a friend (candidate of philological sciences), asked about the translation of the word “regression”. An acquaintance said that she translated as regression, and took off the screen of the clipping of this translation from It turns out as an adjective this word is translated as “regression” and as “regressive”.


Without thinking twice, I looked at the translation of the word “regressive” in the same service:


After the reviewed information, I came to the conclusion that what we do at work is more appropriate for the word “regression”. I will explain. Regressive - in my understanding, as in translation it is still "decreasing" or "decreasing" or "acting in the opposite direction." A regression - "return to the original or previous state" or "return to an earlier point of development" (if you quote the proposed transfers).

If we approach this problem from another simpler side and open the Glossary ISTQB, then when searching for the word “regressive” we will not find anything, and when searching for “regression” we will find a definition and several matches of this word in other definitions.

But the problem still remains - why do some testers say “regressive”? In this question I was helped by another friend of mine who recently read the book by Roman Savin “Testing Dot Com or the Handbook on Hard Handling Bugs in Internet Startups”. The book is very popular among novice testers. I read it too in due time. It turns out in this book Savin uses the word "regressive", as I understand it instead of "regression". Why he did this I did not find out, but returned to my survey and remembered three colleagues who answered “regressive”. They are novice testers with a year's experience, less than a year or a little more than a year. Savin in my opinion divided the testers are not regressive and regression!

At the beginning of my story, I was firmly convinced that there was no “regressive” testing, then the source introduced me to doubts, but the ISTQB glossary “returned to its original state”. In the end, I tend to define “regression testing” (our favorite testing). What are you leaning - it's up to you.

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