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    1. Lecture by Alexander Surkov on the Internet of things

    When: June 20 at 13:00
    Where: Kronverksky pr., 49, ITMO University, auditorium 365

    Alexander Surkov - IoT architect of Yandex.Cloud and one of the leading experts in the field of the Internet of things - conducts an introductory lecture on the topic of IoT. The event is suitable for those who want to form a good idea of ​​the sphere and further develop in it. You will learn about successful IoT projects, features of the Russian market, security aspects of “smart devices” and Yandex developments in this direction. To attend the lecture registration is required .

    2. Open door day of the master's program of the National Center for Cognitive Development ITMO University

    When: June 20 (from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.)
    Where: Birzhevaya lin., D. 4, ITMO University, conference hall The

    National Center for Cognitive Development of ITMO University organizes an open day for promising undergraduates. They will tell you about four master's areas: Big Data and Machine Learning , digital healthcare , Big Data in the financial sector and the development of computer games . You can ask questions about admission and educational environment, as well as chat with graduates. To participate, registration is required .

    3. Information Society Technology Week

    When: until June 22
    Where: st. Lomonosov St., 9, ITMO University Congress Center

    Event for fans of interdisciplinary research. Three conferences on the topic of digital transformation of society, combined into a single program. The week will open with events held as part of the annual conference "Internet and Modern Society". On June 20, the IV International Interdisciplinary Conference EVA, related to digital humanities and the use of digital imaging technologies in the humanitarian fields, will begin, and on June 21 there will be a DTGS conference with seminars on cyberlinguistics and cyberpsychology.

    (c) ITMO University

    4. Unilever Technical Startup Project Competition

    When: acceptance of applications by June 23rd
    Where: online

    Unilever International Corporation organizes a competition of projects in order to integrate the most worthy of them into its production cycle. Technological startups are invited to participate, the development of which can be useful in the field of industrial automation.

    The competition is held in four areas: AR-technology, industrial robotics, automation of internal logistics (automatic vehicles and drones), and digital workflow optimization. Experts will select the finalists who will have the opportunity to develop a prototype and test it on Unilever sites.

    5. International University of Technology Startups Festival

    When: June 24-28
    Where: Ul. Kantemirovskaya 3, HSE Building The

    first of its kind festival of startups in the country. The program includes lectures by entrepreneurs and investors. The management of Rostelecom and VTB will speak here, there will be managers of large innovative programs and investors. The conference will include a pitch session. Participation is free for all categories of visitors, except investors.

    6. III Forum of Scientific Communicators of Russia

    When: June 28
    Where: st. Lomonosov St., 9, ITMO University The

    Association of Communicators in Education and Science has been holding a forum for the third year in a row on issues of scientific communication. This year, the key topics of the event will be processes that affect the perception of science by the general public - both internal and external, journalistic standards and communities, as well as state influence on this area.

    The conference will be divided into three sessions from discussions and round tables. The plenary report will be read by physicist and journalist Michele Katanzaro, and the conference will be completed by the report of the president of the Association , Alexandra Borisova. Students admission is free, but registration is required. Other applicants will have to purchase a ticket at a price of one to three thousand rubles.

    7. Russian-Japanese hackathon "HANABI HACK"

    When: June 29-30 ( registration until June 25)
    Where: Moscow, ul. Cosmonaut Volkov, 6, lit. “A”, beginning at 10:00 am An

    event aimed at developing Russian-Japanese business relations. The winners of the hackathon will receive 150 thousand rubles and the opportunity to visit the Tokyo office of one of the organizers. The statement of the task is as follows - you need to build a platform for the exchange of knowledge between engineers. Teams of four IT specialists are accepted for participation. If you cannot assemble a team, they will help you find colleagues. The jury includes representatives of the Japanese HR company Grooves , CEO of the SAMI business platform and a representative of the Russian educational platform ACTUM. They will evaluate the resulting prototypes and select the winner.

    (c) ITMO University

    8. Graduation "ITMO.Live-2019"

    When: July 6 at 11:00 am
    Where: Peter and Paul Fortress, Alekseyevsky ravelin

    ITMO University graduate holiday - 4,000 participants, simultaneous graduation on two stages, interactive venues, photo areas and ice cream racks. The best graduates will be awarded the right to independently shoot from the cannon of the Peter and Paul Fortress, to receive a diploma personally from the hands of the dean, or to win a cash prize. Admission is free, but we urge you to have a passport or any identification document with you.

    9. SHIFT Business Festival

    When: August 29-30
    Where: Turku, Finland

    We invite you to a two-day international business festival, which is also called the "Nordic SXSW". SHIFT is an inexpensive way to do networking on a large overseas venue and hear lectures from leading IT experts. Presentations, concerts, art installations and lively discussions await you. The main theme this year is AI systems.

    You can familiarize yourself with the program in detail and purchase a ticket on the festival website . For students of ITMO University and participants of ITMO FAMILY discounts are provided.

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