WebTotem or how we want to make the Internet safer

    Free service for monitoring and protecting websites.



    In 2017, our CARKA team began to develop a tool for monitoring the entire cyber space in the national domain zone .KZ, and this was about 140,000 websites.

    The task is complex: it was necessary to quickly check each site for signs of hacks and viruses on the site and display in a convenient form the dashboard of the state of the entire Kaznet.

    That's how WebTotem was born - A service for monitoring and protecting websites.



    We provide our solution to all website owners for free. We earn money on solutions for corporate clients who need to monitor a large number of resources (CERT, Hosting providers, etc.), and on additional services for website owners (Load testing, audits, outsourcing and help with virus treatment, etc.).

    WebTotem Product

    Over 2 years, our system has grown to a full-fledged platform with 9 modules that are interesting to the ordinary owner of the site.

    You simply register in the system and add your site for monitoring. If you want to install protection modules, then download the script for the site (At the moment, scripts for php sites are available in your personal account, the module for nginx is under testing)


    Monitoring modules:

    Availability monitoring during the day / week / month;
    Checking the installed SSL certificate for validity and validity;
    Collection of information about the platform on which the site runs (CMS, server OS version, etc.);
    Check for the presence of deface on the site;
    Checking the site for reputation databases (VirusTotal, Spamhaus, etc)
    Collection of information about the domain and the expiration date of its registration;
    Open port scanner;

    Protection modules:

    Antivirus - Search for hacker shells and backdoors on the
    Web Application Firewall website - a module designed to detect and block attacks on web applications

    WebTotem Mobile Application

    And of course we want to boast of our mobile application, which allows you to monitor and monitor the security of your site via phone =)


    iOS version | Android version


    Currently, more than 1000 users use the system, and we monitor about 150,000 sites.

    From the plans for June:

    1) Launch of the plugin for the Plesk panel for web hosting owners


    2) A separate plugin for Wordpress


    3) Publishing a post on Habr about how we developed the infrastructure for monitoring such a large number of websites, including technical details.


    We would be happy to work with you if you:

    • CERT (Computer Incident Response Service)
    • Representative of the CMS platform, we have a good API, and we can jointly create a plugin for your CMS
    • Sundar Pichai and you want to add us to Google Webmasters
    • Do you have your own experiences that you are interested in sharing with us, so that we will implement them in the next release
    • Enter your option =)

    Leave comments, write your ideas and suggestions for revision. And if you have options for cooperation with our solution, we are happy to discuss it.

    PS: Contraception means from the first picture are real, we give them out at conferences =)

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