We invite you to a front-end development meeting in heavily loaded services

    On June 27, the Mail.ru Mail team will host a SmartMail Meetup dedicated to frontend development. The mitap program includes technical reports on frontend development of the Mail. We will discuss how Mail.ru front-end vendors live and what it is like to work with highly loaded services.

    Mitap Program:

    6 p.m. Evaluation of the quality of the application - monitoring traffic consumption

    Speaker: Igor Druzhinin, Frontend developer of Mail.ru Mail

    Applications are developing and growing. How to understand the impact of growth on productivity? Using metrics. It takes time for the first rendering, time to interactivity, and at the same time we load a large amount of resources, forgetting about the traffic on the client. What if it's a mobile device and every byte on the client is important to us? The answer is simple - we consider and analyze traffic. We’ll talk about this.

    18:45. Features of monitoring highly loaded frontend applications

    Speaker: Arthur Khineltsev, Frontend developer of Mail.ru Mail

    With the growth of your audience, standard methods for monitoring the operation of web applications is not enough. In such conditions, anything can affect the correct operation of your service by the user. Versions of the browser and operating system, browser extensions, its Internet provider and even local time on its device. The problem, which is reproduced with a probability of 1/10000 percent, in a multi-million audience will bother hundreds of users daily. Arthur will tell:

    • how generally accepted monitoring practices are modified with increasing application load;
    • How we track application download stability
    • how we monitor client errors;
    • how we analyze the time characteristics of the application.

    19:45. AMP for Email

    Speaker: Sergey Peshkov, Frontend-developer of Mail.ru Mail

    A year ago, Google announced a new way to format emails. With the help of AMP, they wanted to bring interactivity to the traditional format of stone-carved messages. We are the first in the Mail in Russia and at the same time with Google implemented a new standard in our product. In this report, Sergey will tell:

    • why the standard for truly interactive emails could not be created earlier;
    • what is the AMP for Email standard; what new ways of interacting with the letter does it give;
    • how to use it to increase the value of the newsletter for the user;
    • how we implemented AMP for Email support in our products and made it secure.

    20:30. Translation difficulties or i18n in large projects

    Speaker: Sergey Volodin, Frontend developer of Mail.ru Mail

    Internationalization has become a prerequisite for creating a major service. A business gets opportunities to expand its client base, and users have access to your application, regardless of language and culture. Laying the i18n principles in the design of the system from the very beginning will avoid a lot of headaches as the service grows. We will discuss:

    • how to reconcile developers and translators, let everyone do their work;
    • How is the development and assembly of frontend-projects taking into account i18n;
    • subtleties of translation: complex texts with layout inside the line, links, dates, numbers, pluralization and security;
    • how to understand what locale the user is waiting for.

    Start: 18:00. Finish: 21:30.
    Location: Moscow, Leningradsky Prospect, 39/79.
    Pre- registration required .

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