Turn Pocket into a News Feed

Recently I was thinking about creating a single news feed from everything that I read. I saw options with all the happiness reduced to telegrams, but I liked Pocket more.

Why? This guy downloads everything in a readable format and works great on all devices, including the reader.

Everyone who is interested - welcome to cat.

Given: the news feeds I read: threatpost, habr, medium, one public with articles on vk.com, and 2-3 channels on telegram.

The easiest option I found is to make RSS feed (s) out of all readable resources and integrate with Pocket.

A bit of theory about RSS, if suddenly someone did not come across this technology. RSS feed (Rich Site Summary) is a way to organize resource information in a lightweight XML format.

It looks something like this
Заголовок статьиСсылка на ресурс

Information from the RSS feed is pumped out in text format, with only the latest updates. Usually the update takes 2 hours.

Moreover, RSS feeds can be aggregated with each other and receive from them a single news feed (single RSS feed) from all resources of interest.

To integrate rss feed with pocket, I found such a wonderful portal - ifttt.com - that allows you to configure applets for redirecting rss to a pocket with the ability to arrange tags for more convenient search / sorting of articles.

Registration at ifttt.com is free.

Let's start with threatpost

Everything seems to be simple here. The resource has an rss channel, a link to which flaunts right at the top of the page.


Just copy it (https://threatpost.ru/rss) and go with it to platform.ifttt.com.


1) "Try it now."

2) We register, Company name -> Any

3) In the Applets tab, create a New Applet.


4) Trigger select RSS feed


5) In our case, select New feed item.


New feed item
With each new entry in the RSS feed will add news in pocket

New feed item matches
Only with the specified sorting criteria will it add an entry in pocket

6) Visibility - set by you. And in the value we insert the rss resource.
You can also put customizable by the user. This will allow people who want to use your applet to set the value of RSS Feed themselves.


7) Below we select action (Add action). And add Pocket.


8) In the drop-down list, select the only item - Save for last.


Feed label URL
In this case, {{EntryUrl}} will display as


Feed label Tags
I advise you to remove IFTTT and FeedTitle and replace it with {{EntryAuthor}}. Since FeedTitle is being pulled into each record, the name of a specific author is probably important to me. In the end, in my pocket I can filter by authors, if they are interesting to me, and if they are not interesting, then simply put the New feed item matches filter on it and select only interesting authors.


9) Enter the name, description and forward (Save).

10) We are thrown to the page of a freshly created applet. Scroll down and find.


11) "Turnim applet he." You will be transferred to the page with the applet, there we click the same button that is highlighted in the picture above and after a couple of seconds we see the inscription - Success, applet turned on.

Customize by user
If you selected customize by user in point 6, here you will need to substitute the link to Rss feed in the new menu, if not, then Success.

12) To see active applets, go to ifttt.com/my_applets or in ifttt.com click my applets.


To integrate with habr, we need rss hubs / authors of interest to us. To get it, go to the hub of interest to us, open the tree house in the browser console and drive into the search for dom - rss.


Similarly, with a specific author which we read.


Personally, after smoking rss from all the hubs and people I read on the hub, I have accumulated the order of links. Therefore, the following tool was found - rssmix.com. We feed into it, sharing the carriage transfer sign, all the Habrovsky rss ribbons of interest to us and generate a new, already comprehensive tape.


Further back to platform.ifttt.com and, personally, I created a new applet so that you could hang tags on each resource and shove it nicely into your pocket. But in principle, you can add everything through rssmix to the old rss channel in the previous applet.


Honestly, with a medium is the same as with habr. There is an option through an already prepared applet on ifttt.com, but I ripped rss out of all authors and interests. And filtered in rss-> pocket applet ifttt.com.


Touched longer than usual, but as it turned out, everything is not so scary. As such, rss is not there, there are some generators of rss tapes in the style of vkrss.com but with pocket it is not good friends and also asks for more money. Fortunately, politepol.com was found.

The interface is funny. The principle is as follows.

1) Feed into the link a link to the articles of the group -> go.

Where to get a link to vk group articles
Each article in vk has its own quite readable link, in the style of vk.com/@mygroup-belarus-i-cvetenie-sakuri. Here is the beginning of the mygroup link - this is what we need. Ie the full link will be vk.com@mygroup

2) Next, wait until the page of interest to us with the articles in VK is rendered

3) We see a similar picture.


4) Click on the title button and indicate the title on the page (just click on any article title), the description button and indicate where description. Create -> done.

5) Copy the created link and again make the vk.com (rss) to pocket applet.


And the last one is telegram channels. As a result, the logic will be - as everyone already probably guessed - make another rss channel. To do this, we use the services telegram.me/crssbot. The bot can duplicate posts from your group into an rss feed. It must be added to the group as an administrator. We create a group in the telegram with any name, add the bot as an administrator (follow the instructions).

Further, the rss feed will be available at bots.su/rss/your_channel_name . A general news feed for all users can be found at bots.su/rss/all .

However, it would be nice to fill this channel with news, otherwise there is nothing to read. To do this, we will use the services of another bot that will redirect news from all our channels to the freshly created “rss channel”.

It seems like there is a cool bot telegram.me/junction_bot, it has tags for each redirection, all sorts of filters in general, everything you want, but redirection is paid. Not good.

But there is such a great, free t.me/multifeed_bot (well, or alternatively you can make github.com/adderou/telegram-forward-bot yourself) bot. Follow the instructions of the bot, add @mirinda_grinder to the group as an administrator. We create a redirection from the readable channels to the channel we need and voila. The channel fills itself.

Then the usual steps to create an applet, tagging, filtering and you're done. Pocket fills itself, without your participation, while tagging, filtering and synchronizing on all devices you wish.

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