Odigest: interesting for designers for the week

    This is a mini-digest of any design validity for the past week, about a tenth of the fresh, one hundred and fifty-third issue of my Design Digest mailing list.


    Article: The world needs a tech diet; here is how designers can help

    A great essay on design ethics and an ethical design framework written by UX Collective curators Fabricio Teixeira and Cayo Braga. In the newsletter I detailed the essay, here I will not do it.


    Printing: Scottish Police Federation

    Design of a book about the Scottish police union released to mark the organization’s 100th anniversary.

    Identity and packaging design of products of the Bryansk Dairy Plant

    The Moscow agency Depot made a style for a dairy that wants to look simple and honest.

    Clean, systematic, logical. Very noticeable on the shelves.

    Retro: Airline Logos

    A collection of mid-century airline logos.

    Lecture: Code LOT2046

    Lecture by Vadik Marmeladov, one of the coolest Russian designers, creator of the LOT2046 clothing and gadget subscription service. He spoke about the history and structure of the service, shared his view on the future of companies and products.

    A very inspiring lecture, look!

    Tool: Adaptiff

    A collection of generative algorithms for creating backgrounds and patterns, with a friendly interface. You can change the input parameters by customizing the algorithm for yourself. Made our compatriot (Jura, hello).

    Tool: PixelSnap 2 for macOS

    Screen distance measurement with a very cool interface. You move the cursor, and the program itself determines the objects on the screen and shows the distance to them. Watch the video. The program is paid, it costs $ 25 for one comp.

    Free: https://useanimations.com/

    A library of animated icons for interfaces. They are made on the basis of a set of free Feather icons and complement each other perfectly.


    Thank you for your attention, see you in a week!

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