Checking the effectiveness of the site and advertising settings, the cost of attracting customers of the wholesale company

Your company has a website, perhaps a very beautiful website ... But do potential customers find it when they are looking for products? Does your sales site work efficiently?

For whom publication: wholesale and trade production companies.

Publication Objectives:

  1. show company owners how to audit site promotion
  2. show a way to evaluate the quality of advertising settings
  3. compare the cost of attracting customers by online sources

Part 1. Checking the results of promoting a commercial site

Every day, users from Russian regions ask hundreds of commercial queries to search Yandex and Google, trying to find a supplier of products or manufacturers. Such phrases use the words "wholesale", "manufacturer", "supplier", "buy". Others prefer to search on popular industry portals, trading floors. There are users from the industry who do not search and do not know about you, but when they see the advertising information, they will be interested in cooperation.

How to verify that interested users will find exactly your company and see an advertisement for your products, not competitors?

1.1.First, you need a list of commercial requests for which people are looking for products from your field of activity. A significant proportion of such requests are repeated from month to month without changes. To create a list of phrases, it is better to use the Google Keyword Planner (as it selects synonyms and phrases that are close in meaning). We follow the link , if necessary, create an account, click "Find new keywords", enter one or more phrases by which customers can search for your products and click "start". As a result, Google will pick up frequently used phrases when searching.


1.2.Now, checking the “list of commercial queries” in the search engines, please note that for different queries the results of the search engines will contain the same sites, the main part of which are industry portals, b2b trading floors and only 10-30% of competitors' corporate sites or your Internet resource.

1.3. In the search process, people open several links at once, so it’s better to open all the sites from the TOP 10 and check whether information about your business is posted on the opened pages of industry portals, business directories? Please note - whether paid advertising of your company is visible on the page with search results and on the open pages of industry portals and catalogs.

1.4.It is important to remember that in addition to commercial requests, users loyal to you use branded requests (trade or legal name of your company, trademark, domain name), for which the result of the issuance can be very surprising. Be sure to look at the search result for such queries.

PS The result of the promotion check was carried out for the region specified in the browser settings. The situation in other regions may differ significantly ... In Yandex, for commercial inquiries, a site can get into the TOP only in the region selected in the Webmaster and in regions where the company has an office on the maps.

Part 2. Checking Yandex Advertising Settings

2.1. Let’s check if impressions on information sites are disabled for commercial requests. We go into the account with advertising and click at the bottom of the page "Statistics for all campaigns." Set the slices, columns and filters, as in the photo below.


The photo below is the site where the ads are displayed in the search (the theme of the site is the development of video systems). Only by disabling the impressions from the photos, the CTR increased by 40%, the average display position improved, and the click price fell by 20%.


2.2. Now let's look at the clicks on which phrases in the search we pay Yandex. Select the tab "Search terms" and click on the yellow button "Show", and for visual sorting, click on the column "Impressions".
The photo below - popular queries for which ads are displayed in the search, all queries are suitable for the site.


The photo below is an example of requests from another site, it can be seen that there are requests with a low CTR (either the ad is poor or the request does not fit the site). By making changes, the conversion rate will increase, advertising costs will become lower.


2.3.Potential customers, having once visited the site, after a while may forget his address and not know how to return to it. Other users, for example, without getting through, leave the site with the confidence that the company is not working. Retargeting is a technology by which Yandex and Google can find a user on third-party sites and show him your advertising message. These may be people who have viewed several pages, downloaded a price list, looked at contacts, etc. To check the retargeting, we return to the main page , at the bottom of the page, click on "Retargeting and Audiences". If the page is empty, then your company has not yet used this useful advertising tool.

PSBriefly about checking the settings of Google Ads. Unfortunately, you cannot see queries for which there were impressions in the search, but there were no transitions. Intricate navigation, the presence of phrase match types do not allow you to quickly figure out the logic of Google. Therefore, it’s better to check the quality of advertising by comparing the total CTR and conversions with other sources of referrals to the site.

Part 3. Comparison of the cost of attracting customers for various online sources

Initial data: Website of turkey meat supplier, manufacturer of semi-finished products. The region at the site in Yandex, Ural Federal District, in Google Russia. The site has no articles, recipes or other pages that attract information traffic. The statistics are given for 6 months (the site design was almost unchanged, the advertisement worked).
Own visits to the site, transitions from search robots, site analysis services and other bots distort the real picture of reports. Therefore, I previously disabled such transitions through filters and did not take into account.
General statistics: different visitors according to Yandex.Metrica 9909, 3044 visits to robots and bots were also filtered. The price list was downloaded by 683 people (6.9% of site visitors). During the day, the share of new visitors is 78%.

Source Conversion

The cost of promotion, advertising by the company's own employees.

Costs for different traffic channels

Costs of a similar company, but without full-time employees with outsourced advertising. In such companies, there are no costs for employees to promote and develop the site. Outsourcing costs appear - for example, the service of one portal with a paid package of services for the placement of products with relevant text 20,000 rubles a month, the other 25,000 rubles per month. Setting up and maintaining ads on Google and Yandex will become more expensive, the cost of email newsletters will not change. The number of conversions will be significantly reduced due to a decrease in traffic sources. It will be practically impossible to increase conversions to 115 due to advertising and paid service packages, since traffic from portals and search is limited. In addition, each additional transition from advertising Google and Yandex becomes more expensive than the previous ones.

3.1. Learn more about shareware conversion sources.

Conditionally free sources - clicks as a result of website promotion on request and placement of information about the company on free sites. The cost of attracting new users is determined by the cost of website promotion.

First visit to the site from industry portals, trading floors

For the site in question, there were transitions from more than 150 different domains, 20 major sites account for more than 80% of all source traffic. The possibility of traffic growth is limited to 10-20% (information about the company and products has already been posted and is regularly updated at almost all popular free sites).

First visit to the site from search engines

The share of conversions from Google is 55%, from Yandex 42%. There is potential for traffic growth, for example: temporarily changing the region in Yandex from the Urals to Yekaterinburg, while the average position for the 200 most popular phrases instead of 10 became 3, and traffic in the region grew by 40%.

The first direct call (hidden transitions from any site, transition from an xls file, or messenger)

Basically, such visitors type the site address manually in the address bar, or visits to the site from directories and portals that do not transmit data to the metric. There are also transitions from the price list and messenger. The possibility of growth of such traffic is practically absent.

3.2. Learn more about paid referral sources.

First visit to the site from an industry portal (paid placement package)

The average cost of the site in question to attract one new visitor using a paid service package is 29 rubles. The possibility of traffic growth from the Urals Federal District is up to 50%, but the cost for each visitor will be 40-50 rubles. A further increase in visitors from paid sites is more expensive than 50 rubles per person. I did not test such sources due to advertising budget limitations.

The first visit to the site from advertising Yandex, Google

The cost of attracting one new visitor through Yandex Direct is 15.9 rubles, through Google Advertising 12.2 rubles. Advertising in Google search was launched only 30% of the time, advertising on the sites of search partner partners was only in Yandex (YAN). An almost 2-fold increase in advertising costs will lead to an increase in traffic by 50%. All the possibilities for expanding advertising in Yandex while maintaining the conversion price have been exhausted. I also want to add that the costs in the table took into account advertising for the return of those who were on the site (more than 10% of the budget in Yandex, such transitions do not add “new” visitors).

First visit to the site from the email newsletter

The cost of attracting one new visitor is 9.3 rubles. On average, we received one newsletter per month for more than 3800 valid email addresses, 20-30% of readings (depending on the season), 6-10% of visits to the site from open letters. Unsubscribe or send to spam for 7-10 people from the newsletter. The possibility of increasing the traffic of new visitors through mailings is limited by the growth of the base of email addresses.

PS Some of the new customers have not visited the site before - they contact the sales department from any online catalog where the information is posted. In various ways of counting, I came to the conclusion that their share is 30%. Over time, they visit the site, for example, after sending price lists to email addresses.

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