Badoo Techleads Meetup # 4. Professional burnout and motivation


    My name is Ilya Ageev, I am responsible for QA Badoo, Bumble and our other social networks for dating.

    June 15, I invite you to the annual meeting of team leaders, departments and service stations in our office. Badoo Techleads Meetup will be held for the fourth time, it will be entirely devoted to the problem of professional burnout and the experience of motivating employees.

    The topic is, frankly, a complicated one. But talking about it is important and necessary. At least, because in the IT industry, many people face professional burnout (in this study , for example, it says about 50% of IT people).

    How to motivate people and prevent burnout, at the meeting I and my colleagues, experienced leaders will tell. After each report there will be a break to have enough time to discuss and talk.

    Register here. Please note that you need to wait for confirmation of participation, as The number of seats in our cafe is limited. But there will be an online broadcast.

    Bonus: at the meeting we will play two tickets to Teamlead Conf !

    Address: Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 2 (metro Trubnaya)
    The reports willbeginat 12:00, we are waiting for guests from 11:00.
    The broadcast will be on our YouTube channel and in VK and FB groups. We will publish records in the same place and on Habré.

    The preliminary program under the cut, will be updated soon.

    Ilya Ageev, Engineering Director Quality Assurance (Badoo)

    "Tired" employees: is there a way out?

    You work in good company. Around you are cool professionals, you earn worthily, do important and necessary things every day. Elon Musk launches satellites. Sergei Semenovich improves the already best city on Earth. The weather is excellent, the sun is shining, the trees are blooming - just live and enjoy.

    But for some reason in your team there is a tired Ignat. Ignat is always sad, cynical and gloomy. He is an excellent specialist, has been working for a long time in the company and knows how everything works. Ignat everyone wants to help. Especially you, because you are his manager. But after talking with Ignat, you yourself feel that there is so much injustice around. And also you start to feel sad.

    What to do? How to work with Ignat? And it’s especially scary if Sad Ignat is YOU.

    In my report I will tell you why it happens, how to work with it and how to live on.

    Roman Ivliev (

    “The salvation of drowning people is not only the business of drowning people”

    Surely many were faced with the fact that sooner or later, interest in the project that you are doing disappears, it becomes boring, you want something fresh and new.

    In my story I:

    • I will share the techniques that I use to maintain the interest of the team in the project, how I develop the internal interest of colleagues,
    • I’ll tell you how we motivate and fight burnout,
    • I’ll also tell you when all this doesn’t work, and what can be done to prevent the system from messing with it.

    Vadim Goncharov,

    Burning man. How to burn but not burn

    Tips on how not to stick together, become a key employee and love your job:

    - How to drive a team so that no
    one burns out - What to do with those who burn out: shoot or motivate
    - Personal story about burnout: how I burned out, and then became peppy techdir.

    During breaks you can see the Badoo office, and after the reports we ’ll go to the nearest pub to continue the discussion.

    Do not forget to register and wait for confirmation. Please indicate your first and last names as in your passport. We will begin to meet guests at 11:00, come early to have a snack and take better places.

    Address: Moscow, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 2, BC “Legend of Tsvetnoy”, entrance A. Metro: Trubnaya / Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Bring some identity document with you.

    PS Video from previous meetings, here , here and here .

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