Country coworking for family IT people - is there anyone?

    I read the blog of the Village of programmers and rejoice for the guys. To arrange this is to convince families, pull financially, overcome bureaucracy, find like-minded people. On the brink of fiction.

    Probably many people dream of breaking out of the bustle of the modern metropolis. This is even permissible for someone by the nature of their activity. To all those who can work remotely, it would seem a sin not to run away to work somewhere, in a more relaxed atmosphere. Contemplate nature outside the window, listen to the birds singing, relax in your bath after a hard day, plunge into the pool ...

    But the reality is harsh. The work of the second half does not imply remoteness; children go to a specific city school. Grandparents, relatives - everything is here, nearby. To break all ties and go far into the forest to like-minded people, unfortunately, is not an option. Throwing everyone and leaving for some winter in Thailand is also ...

    Maybe there is a way out - to work in the country? New coworking format. Not in the center, but in a separate country cottage.

    Working moments outside the city will not look very different from ordinary coworking. All the same amenities, internet, tables and chairs.

    Staying somehow detailed on this does not make much sense.

    The only difference is getting a little further than the city center. But it depends a lot on where exactly you used to get to the center from. And whether to the center at all. It may well turn out that the countryside will be faster to reach.

    Outside the city, you can easily arrange what is not available in any of the best urban coworking. Despite the fact that all this will cost approximately the same scope.

    In the evening, you can arrange a joint cinema. With a large screen and good, adult, loud sound.

    Who is not a fan of cinema, you can go relax in the bath, take a dip in the font or even the pool.

    Or fry the meat on the grill.

    To come home in the evening, rested, without the burden of working issues. Or vice versa, stay overnight right in coworking. In order not to waste time on the road and not be distracted from the working time pressure.

    And all this in conditions of limited contingent. There are no 100,500 people you don’t even know what is their name. Because they are new every week.

    On weekends, guests can enjoy picnics with families and children.

    There is something to do in the winter ...

    ... and in the summer. Not a single city coworking will offer the service "renting a garden" :) Some people start a whole summer cottage for this.

    Say no to the stone jungle, the modern metropolis, while not running far from it. Do not make difficult decisions, do not get involved in a financial burden. This is quite real, but for some reason it is now completely undeveloped.

    I would like to find out that country coworking is not the “elusive Joe” from a famous joke. If the idea of ​​an it-cottage is not only close to me, you can completely take up its pilot implementation. First in Yekaterinburg, and then in other parts of the country. If there are those who wish.

    And here

    form of interest

    (feedback was received that the link was completely invisible) and the VKontakte group , where it will be possible to discuss the details.

    PS The article used photos from the wonderful resource Accidentally found him by google photo macbook on the grass. All photos from this resource are with a free license that does not even require mention. But not telling everyone about this would be a sin.

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