Maine Coon Toilet

    In a previous article, based on the results of her discussions, I wrote that I’ll take care of the toilet for Maine Coons. It was the holders of these seals who showed increased interest in the topic. I took up this toilet and opened a special section on my website, which is called “Maine Coon Toilet”. This section posted materials in real time about the process of its creation.

    The results of the first tests were so encouraging that I pulled the prototype case, model KG7010DC, Kopfgescheit, out of the cat's lavatory department. The body of this toilet is the last thing that connected me and my cats. And it’s not convincing to talk about a toilet built on the new flushing principle, but to use someone else’s model. This is similar to the directors of Soviet shoe factories who did not go about their products.

    My cats use the new toilet less than a day. For those who doubt that cats can easily adapt to new conditions, I’ll say right away, if cats noticed a substitution, they didn’t tell me about it. They began to go to a new toilet in a friendly manner, as if they had been using it for 2 years.

    While the toilet is operated with automatic detection disabled. I decided to watch the process for a couple of days and make research videos.

    In new plans: I want to intervene in the flushing process in order to minimize the chance of the process. In addition, an idea came up to wash out the "big" and "small" needs in different ways, as, for example, this is done in human toilets. After all, different resources are needed for this, why pour water and “pull the cat in the long box”?

    Based on new plans, I want to ask the community for advice. Advise the cheapest controller that could control up to a dozen incoming signals and issue as many commands? Of course, I can get by with a variety of peripherals for specific functions, but with programming, it’s somehow more convincing. The cheapest so that the price of the final product does not fly up excessively. Thanks in advance!

    You can look at the latest materials on this topic on my pages, to which the wide road has already been trodden!

    And as a highlight on the cake, a photo of Pooh - the first cat toilet tester on the new flushing principle. The photo was taken in the second hour of the night. The tester, even in a dream, at a combat post!


    A screenshot from the toilet surveillance camera confirms the creative approach to testing by cats.
    The video below demonstrates clearing the canvas.


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