How does your morning begin?

    - So how are you?
    - Fine. I answer.
    Well, okay. It was normal until you pinned. You always choose a very bad moment. For this, I bastard you and I hate you.
    - How's the article? - with malice you asked.
    - Fine. - I don’t want, frankly, to go into details.
    - Exactly normal?
    - Exactly.
    “Why then does she have such a low rating?”
    - I didn’t go.
    - Again?
    - Again.
    “So maybe one?”
    - Why?
    - Well, you know ...
    - No.
    I take out a cigarette and light it. A dog prowls in the grass, looking for something. I never understood what she finds there. Sometimes dead birds lie in the grass, but now the grass is rare, and there is definitely nothing in the meadow. I monitor the cleanliness.
    - Why not? Maybe you'll be honest with yourself? - you continue with a serious face. “Your articles are shit, and nobody needs them.” This is reality. Everybody hates you. You are just a graphomaniac. Admit it.
    - What for?
    - What why?
    “Why should I admit it?”
    - In terms of?
    - Are you dumb? - I'm losing my temper a bit. “Have you decided to arrange a court for me?” Why do you need this recognition?
    “Well, yes, by the way ... So admit it to yourself.”
    - Ok, I admit. Article shit. I am a graphomaniac. I already wrote an article where I admitted this.
    “And you are an info-gypsy, if I correctly used this word in the singular.”
    - Yes, I am an info-gypsy. All?
    - Not. - you feel that your mood is improving. - I just began. You are nobody. You do not know how to do anything. You are not able to create anything. You never sell anything to anyone. Your life is a dull shit, and nothing will ever change.
    “I know all that.” - I look you in the eye, trying to understand what will happen next.
    - Here you go.
    - Here you go. - I repeat. - All?
    - What is it all about?
    “What are you expecting from me?”
    “If I knew ... I want you to stop trying.”
    - So what? Lie down and die?
    - Not. I just do not know. Do not try anymore.
    - Why?
    “I want so.”
    “Hm ...” I smile. “And why should I care what you want there?”
    - How ...
    - Well. My life. My articles. My developments. My job. My unemployment. My success. My failures. What the hell are you doing?
    - Well, you listen ...
    - I have been listening to this crap all my life. And from you, and from people like you. You will not make it. You do nonsense. You will never succeed. And life proves the opposite.
    “Well, what does she prove to you?”
    - Lack of absolute.
    “Again a deep philosophy ...” you smile condescendingly.
    “Not deeper than the poop that the dog piled on.” Caution, do not step. When I finish, I will remove it with the cigarette butt.
    - So what is the lack of absolute? - you moved a little to the side.
    - There are no authors of good articles, for example. No one. More precisely, not so - only the author of one article can be the author of good articles. Anyone who writes a lot gives shit at times.
    - Well it is clear.
    - Then what is the complaint to me?
    - Your articles are shit.
    - All?
    - All.
    - And how do you judge? What are the criteria?
    “Do you think you need criteria?” After all, it is clear to all that shit.
    - And who then puts the pluses? Who writes personal messages with questions on the case? Who is subscribing?
    - Subscribe those who want to instantly respond to new publications and put a minus.
    - There are some. I nod. - But I'm looking at all the subscribers. Most are without voting rights. Many registered at all just to sign up. This can be seen by the date of registration.
    - Still shit.
    “You look like a boy from an anecdote who listened, listened, and then said: I ... and I ... and I will give you all the same in the face!”
    You shut up for a few seconds, obviously picking up words and arguments.
    - Okay, come on. Did you notice that the rating of your articles is a comb?
    - It's hard not to notice.
    “What do you think this means?”
    “That means two things.” First, there are articles in which I write what I want and how I want. They are almost always in the red. The second - I do not know how to write in a way that pleases the public. Therefore, a high rating is rather an accident.
    “Is that no reason to stop writing?”
    - Not.
    - Why not?
    - Why yes?
    - Well, it doesn’t work out! Are you dumb? It doesn’t work - don’t write!
    - It doesn’t work out what? High ratings to gain?
    - Yes!
    - And where did you get that I write for the sake of ratings?
    “I want you to write for the sake of ratings!”
    “We kind of already discussed how I feel about what you want there.” Partly, I agree with you. But I do not know how to write for the sake of rating.
    - So drop it!
    - What are you doing! I burst out. - What kind of mania to throw what you do not know how to do ?! I told you - in this world there is nothing absolute, everything is riddled with probabilities. If one article has come in, another will come in. If the second did not enter, the third will come. Fifth, tenth, not important. It makes no sense, even harmful to set yourself a plan, criteria, expectations for the rating. Here you don’t have Mutko and the Olympics to draw up a plan of medals. You need to understand how the world works.
    “Well, did you understand a lot about how the world works?” - again this malicious smile.
    - Not. But bigger than you. I would listen to you - I would die long ago. As far as I know you, you always say - it didn’t work, it doesn’t work, it won’t work. After the first failure you always say that you need to quit. After the tenth, twentieth, hundredth failure, you are right there.
    - Hundredth failure? And you think I'm wrong?
    “I'm sure you're wrong.” Because the hundredth failure is preceded by ninety successes, and nine more failures. You think only in absolute terms, you have a strange binary brain. And the world is built on probabilities and funnels.
    - What other funnels?
    - Like in sales. Always, no matter what you do, there is an entrance - traffic, flow, people, calls, it does not matter, and there is an exit - the result for which everything was done. Pros, money, offers, projects, etc. Remember, and do not bother me with this already. There is always a funnel. There are always people in the world who are indifferent to what you do. They just don’t need it, it’s not interesting. Just as I’m not interested ... Well, I don’t know ... Stones, birdhouses, asphalt, space. These people will always pass by, but can enter traffic. Stumbled upon, read, and then forgot.
    “Do you think I'm an idiot and don’t understand this?”
    “You understand very well.” But, seeing such a person who is not interested, you will always say - yeah, you made another shit! Look, the guy walked by and didn’t even look! Everything, you have to quit! You can't do anything! And you will not even notice the next person who came up, became interested and moved to the next level of the funnel, because you are too busy with your Whooper.
    - I’m not a clicker ...
    - What a clicker! All that pleases you in life is failure and failure. You seek them out carefully, thoughtfully, and when you find them, you rejoice! And expose, as your own achievement - they say it's me, I found and understood! This I said that nothing will work! And when it turns out, what are you doing?
    - What?
    - Well, tell me.
    - Never mind…
    - That's it! Nothing! You are not interested in success, from a word in general! You win back from success. Your whole model of the world is turning upside down, your depression begins, the only way out of which is to look for new troubles, even in success! Remember how you react, for example, to a successful article?
    - Well, I say that she ... I don’t know, even ...
    - And I know. Or - it happened by chance. Or - just the public are idiots alone. Or - bots are used for cheating. Or - normal authors on vacation, so you slipped by.
    - Well, it's true! You cried out. “It cannot be otherwise!” You yourself, without your show-offs, compare your opuses with normal articles! After all, the difference is obvious! You have everything bad - the theme, presentation, structure, examples, pictures, even looking lazy! You don’t need a lot of mind to see the difference!
    - I have to.
    - Do not!
    - I have to. Just do not see the difference, not for this mind is needed. The mind is in order to understand that there is no need to see the difference.
    - I.e?
    - So like this. Like in music. Any song and group has fans. And there is no point in comparing two groups or two songs. Yes, there are some metrics - someone gives a lot of concerts, someone - a little. Someone managed to earn money on their work, while someone continues to play in the evening, after work. But I equally like the successful Metallica, and the little-known The Dartz. Do you know The Dartz?
    “Yes, you turned me on.”
    - Here you go. Try to find the difference between them.
    - What is there to look for ... Almost nothing in common.
    “Do you like both?”
    - Well, how ... There are good songs both there and there.
    - And are there any bad ones?
    “It is probably wrong to call them bad ...” you say thoughtfully. - There are those that I do not like.
    - That is, if you say in your terms, both groups have a comb?
    - Yes.
    - Well ...
    - What? - you are perplexed.
    - I have a comb - I have to quit. Do Metallica have a comb - should they quit too?
    - No, they have already achieved success. The whole world knows them.
    - Okay ... Young performers - do they also have a comb?
    - Yeah, flat. - you are smiling. - Nobody listens to them at all.
    “And they should quit?”
    - Of course not. Well, that is, it is not for me to judge, but I understand that it will take time before they are noticed, and skill will increase, they will find themselves, the style will form ...
    - How? - I am surprised by the picture. - After all, they do not succeed! Just like mine! Let them immediately drop off and go to the factory to work! There is nothing to try, try. Do you want this? Stop trying?
    - I do not want, but I suggest. You. What do you suggest?
    - To whom?
    - Well, for beginners.
    - Continue to try and expand the funnel.
    - In terms of?
    - Damn, you're really dumb ... I explained to you. There are probabilities and a funnel. Roughly speaking, let's imagine ... I listened to the whole world of the song of this young group. Well, it happened like this. He who has ears, yes I heard. How many of them want to continue to listen to this group?
    - I don’t know ...
    - I don’t know either. Let's imagine that this is one man out of a hundred thousand. So, they listened to seven billion, and became fans ... Seventy thousand?
    - Like so. - you nod.
    - It seems so ... To the bottom of the funnel, i.e. to the result, comes 0.001%. What does it mean?
    - What to throw.
    - No, you dumb head. This means that there are two areas for work. The first is traffic increase in the first stage of the funnel. With current efficiency, one hundred thousand people must be brought in to get one fan. Tryndets is hard, I must say. Imagine - you posted a video with a song or clip, and you need to see it one hundred thousand unique users.
    - Unreal.
    “Well, not that unrealistic ... But the task, let’s say, is ambitious. The second direction for work is to improve the funnel. Make sure that until the end, the result reaches more than 0.001%. It is not difficult to calculate a specific target figure - you can go from traffic. That is, it’s easier to understand how you can attract traffic, and to realize the goal according to the result. You divide one on another, you receive efficiency coefficient of your funnel.
    - Is it like in Zen?
    - Yes, like that. It’s convenient in Zen - displays, clicks, readings and likes are separately visible. The funnel is more detailed. And you understand which text is written so that it is read, and which is not.
    “What are you working on?”
    - Both over traffic and funnel efficiency.
    - What exactly do you do with traffic? - strange, your intonation has changed.
    - I try to write on different topics, with different presentation methods, from different angles of view on the same problems.
    - It turns out?
    - It seems so. At least every article has its own reader. I see.
    - According to the comments?
    - No, by private messages. Comments are not an indicator, there is a completely different logic.
    - How do you work on funnel efficiency?
    “To be honest, pretty messy, without a plan.” I need to sort it out somehow, but I don’t know how exactly yet.
    - Or quit?
    - You again?
    - Yes, again. It should not be. Or it turns out, or not. You must do what is obtained, for what you are born, what is easy, free, with constant success. You can not do both one and the other, and the third. You are sprayed.
    “This is not spraying, but synergy.” One helps the other.
    - Come on? - you are surprised at the picture. - And how, for example, do your opuses help programming?
    - Awesome, to be honest. The main thing - the skill of writing texts helps a lot in promotion. I talked a lot with programmers - smart, talented, with interesting products. Do you know what their main problem is?
    “Well, enlighten me.”
    “They cannot declare themselves.” As in Google’s old advertisement, Vasya is very smart, but nobody knows about it. For them, writing an article about their product is a terrible task, which even scared to approach. They can prepare for months to write one publication. And when they write, they sell a couple of copies, it comes to them - one article is not enough. Now information lives differently - flow. It is impossible to put something in a stream so that it remains there forever. The stream blows any information into oblivion in a few days. Need constant replenishment, mention, links. To do this, you must constantly write something.
    - And what to write constantly about the same program?
    - You see the root. I nod. - This is the second aspect of the relationship of texts and the product. Roughly speaking, when developing a product, you should understand what you will write about it next time. You have to plan the release so that there is something to write about. And not two paragraphs, but a full publication. Such a publication works like a defibrillator. Your product has already died, everyone forgot about it, only random sales are possible. And here is the discharge! - and again all the attention to the product. From a new angle, new opportunities, new application practices, rethinking, cases, etc.
    “Well, did you sell a lot with your defibrillator?”
    - You know the statistics. Almost two dozen already, on some “bit” publications.
    “Is that kind of know-how?”
    - Like yes.
    - Okay.
    You shut up, but the expression on your face says that for a short while. Explicitly looking for what other muck to say. You look at me. Suddenly smiling.
    - What about losing weight? - you ask triumphantly.
    - All is well. - I answer confidently.
    - You, like, wanted to save the world from obesity.
    - Yes, I did. Everything is ahead.
    - Seriously? - you ask maliciously. “How will you save the world if you cannot save yourself?”
    “What makes you think that I cannot save myself?”
    “Well, you haven't lost a damn.”
    - Minus ten kilograms almost.
    - And so it was a month ago.
    - Yes it was. I spent a month on an additional run-in of the model - I examined the loose weight.
    “And how are you doing?”
    - Perfectly. He, indeed, is not fixed for such a period of time. So you can pause and eat like a horse. And then reset again, and pretty quickly.
    - How fast?
    - For a few days to reset what accumulated a month.
    - You're lying.
    - I'm not lying. - I take out the phone, show the schedule. - Take a look yourself. Here are minus three per day. Here are minus five per week. Here's the point yesterday - look exactly the same as a month ago.
    You shut up. It is evident that he is tired and do not know what to say.
    “So you'll keep trying?” - finally, you ask.
    - Yes. Will. That is the whole point. The last thing I will do is give up and stop trying. Even in retirement I’ll try, I already have a plan. So interesting, so the meaning is.
    - And the failures?
    - What about failures?
    “They ... I don’t know ... Terrible.” Hands drop from them, I don’t feel like living, vile thoughts run in my head. I want to drop everything and ... Just live, work, watch TV shows and thump. Without responsibility, aspirations, plans and attempts. Right?
    - So. But it is not the failures themselves that deliver, but you, who comes with them. If not for you, the failure would have gone unnoticed. I would just go further without wasting time talking with you.
    - Oh, okay. - you are smiling. “I don't take much of your time.” I come only in the mornings when you walk with the dog. Just a few minutes a day.
    “I know.” I'm used to you, and I'm not afraid anymore. To all your questions I have long prepared answers. You can’t come up with anything new - just “don’t try”, “you won’t succeed”, “you have to live easier”, “know your place”. Even boring.
    “Why are you still talking?” I would ignore it, that's all.
    “I can't ignore my subconscious.” And I don’t want to. In a way, you're helping me. Especially in moments of success - you will not let fly into the clouds. Well, like King Solomon’s ring. For a long time I want to do this myself ... So, thank you.
    - I am glad to help! - you sincerely smile.
    - Come on, see you.
    - Tomorrow? In the same place?
    - Yes.
    - Do not forget to clean the poop for the dog.
    - As always. Till!

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