The digest of events for HR professionals in the field of IT for May 2019

    Tired of resting? Great, because we have a digest of IT HR events until the end of May, which will cheer you up and definitely will not let you relax and lose your grip. Already there is plenty to choose from, but maybe after the second wave of holidays new events will be added, stay tuned for updates to the post.

    How to become an A-player in recruiting (master class)

    When: May 13, 6:00 pm
    Where: online
    Conditions of participation: free
    Organizer: Pritula career hub

    Proper communication with the tenant in combination with simple search approaches is the key to success in satisfying the most capricious tenant managers.

    Master Class Program:

    • Who is a recruiter. The competency model of a modern recruiter;
    • The ideal recruiting process from A to Z and the key success factors;
    • Construction and management of the pipeline;
    • Recruitment Automation Tools, ATS;
    • Gathering information from a hiring manager to describe a job.

    Details and registration

    Sourcer Recruiter (online course)

    When: beginning May 13, 6:00 pm
    Where: online
    Conditions of participation: 32,700 rubles (without certification), 39,200 rubles (with certification), 6,600 rubles for the module
    Organizer: Pritula career hub

    Technologies, the Internet and social networks make people and information more accessible, while creating new difficulties and problems in the hiring process.

    After training you:

    1. You will understand the theory that underlies advanced sourcing methods.
    2. Learn and be able to use more sourcing capabilities and new, more effective approaches.
    3. You can find passive talents through new channels and networks.
    4. Improve the reputation of sourcing function in the organization and increase the result of recruiting work.
    5. Learn to read between-line candidate profiles.

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    “How to hire a programmer - typical mistakes when placing an IT vacancy” (webinar)

    When: May 15, 3:00 p.m.
    Where: online
    Conditions of participation: free
    Organizer: IT Recruiter School + Tproger

    In the webinar program:

    • Hiring funnel from a developer perspective;
    • Factors of attractiveness of the vacancy;
    • Where and how to post a vacancy;
    • Frequent errors in the text of vacancies.

    The speakers are Alexey Mikhaylishin (Tproger CEO) and Victoria Voronina (HR Project Manager at Tproger).

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    Effective Recruiting (Online Course)

    When: May 15, 19:00
    Where: online
    Conditions of participation: 13 000 rubles
    Organizer: LABA

    The course for beginners will teach you to close vacancies quickly and efficiently , hiring employees who remain in the company for years.

    In the course program:

    • Recruiting: introduction;
    • Communication with the customer and client;
    • Formation of a candidate search card;
    • Initial contact with the candidate;
    • Interview;
    • Feedback Formation;
    • Vacancy closing and adaptation;
    • Recruiting analytics.

    The course is taught by Nadezhda Nedorezova, Head of Recruitment at Rambler & Co.

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    Index Meetup “Remote Team: Pros and Cons” (mitap)

    When: May 16, 19:00
    Where: Moscow, st. Alexandra Solzhenitsyna, d. 23A, p. 1
    Terms of participation: free of charge
    Organizer: INDEX

    At the meeting-discussion INDEX and 6 nomads, the most urgent issues of organizing the work of the remote team will be discussed, and if you have your own successful or unsuccessful stories related to the remote work or with managing a remote team - come discuss them with participants and experts.

    Mitap experts:

    • Yana Andrzheevskaya, Product Manager at Skyeng;
    • Kirill Keker, CTO at LendoHotel LLC;
    • Rodion Revin, IP Director at the Medicine of the Future business incubator;
    • Barbara Golubeva, HRD Togezzer.

    Details and registration

    HR lab. "Prevention of professional burnout" (master class)

    When: May 28, 19:00
    Where: St. Petersburg, st. Novgorodskaya, d. 5
    Terms of participation: 1,000 rubles (until May 25)
    Organizer: SCOUT ACADEMY

    How to recognize burnout at home and at your employees and what to do with it.

    In a programme:

    • Round table on the causes of professional burnout;
    • The study of diagnostic techniques for professional burnout;
    • Participation in training for the prevention of professional burnout.

    The master class is conducted by Tatyana Brazovskaya - operational psychologist, business coach, entrepreneur, IT manager 5t5.

    Details and registration

    FriendWork recruitment automation (webinar)

    When: May 28, 12:00
    Where: online
    Participation conditions: free
    Organizer: FriendWork FriendWork

    CEO Alexander Crassus will talk about all the possibilities of staff recruitment automation using the service using the example of client cases.

    Webinar Topics:

    1. How to optimize the recruitment process by automating routine recruiting operations;
    2. What HR analytics is provided by FriendWork and how to use it in your work.

    Details and registration

    Recruiting PRO (Express Intensive)

    When: beginning May 31, 10:00
    Conditions of participation: 32 000 rubles
    Organizer: MACS

    Get acquainted with the best practices, expand your portfolio of tools for searching and evaluating candidates, automating recruitment and evaluating its effectiveness. Conduct an express audit of your recruitment system with the course experts.

    Intensive teachers:

    • Anastasia Khrisanfova - ex-HR Operations, founder of HRDome;
    • Denis Kaminsky - Co-founder, FutureToday;
    • Evgenia Ukraintseva - HRD, fiscal data operator OFD.RU;
    • Tatyana Smirnova— Ex-head of recruitment center Kelly Services;
    • Raisa Myslovskaya - Director of the selection and adaptation department of Rambler Group;
    • Anna Borisenko - HR expert, author of the model of agency freelance recruiting.

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    About event organizers:

    • SCOUT ACADEMY is a modern training center for IT specialists.
    • FriendWork is an online recruiting automation service.
    • INDEX is a recruiting agency specializing in the search for IT specialists.
    • IT Recruiter School is an IT recruiting school.
    • MACS - Moscow School of Advanced Communications.
    • Pritula career hub is a project of Mikhail Pritula, the author of the most popular online HR courses in the CIS.
    • Tproger is a publication about development and everything related to it.

    If in our digest you did not find any events for HR-specialists in the field of IT that will be held in May, please add them to the comments!

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