Student Talks: Analytics. Starter Materials

    On April 25th, we held the next Avito Student Talks meeting, this time it was dedicated to analytics: career paths, Data Science and product analytics. After the meeting, we thought that her materials could be of interest to a wide audience and decided to share them. In the post - video recordings of presentations, presentations from speakers, feedback from listeners and, of course, a photo report.


    Career development data analytics. Vyacheslav Fomenkov, Head of Analysis, C2C Avito Cluster

    Vyacheslav Fomenkov spoke about who analysts are, what is the difference between BI and Data Scientist, what is the career path of analysts and what skills are needed at each stage: from Junior to Senior +.


    Who will benefit from the report: for those who want to start their journey in analytics and outline a career path. Inside are links to training materials and technologies that need to be learned.

    The introductory report set the tone for the mitap and helped navigate the terminology. It was amazing to find out how sociable is an important skill for an analyst.

    Machine Learning in moderation. Pavel Gladkov, Head of Analysis, Avito Moderation Unit

    Report on the tasks that the team of automatic moderation in Avito solves, and on the machine learning technologies that we apply. Pavel told how to measure model health using analytics and monitoring tools.


    Who will benefit from the report: those who have become interested in machine learning. The report was built without a strong bias in mathematics, but it turned out to be very useful and visual.

    It was extremely informative! I am seriously thinking about taking part in an internship in this area. It was interesting and, I think, and accessible to people outside the direction, and informative for those who are already in the direction.

    Product analytics. George Apatic Fandeev, Senior Analyst

    A report on what product analytics is and how it works. How we analyze new features and understand whether to roll them. What is the difference between AB tests and case studies and who decides how the product will develop.


    Who will benefit from the report: those who want to develop in product analytics and be at the forefront of working with data for business.

    It was very interesting and informative. I liked the initiative of interaction with the public. It became even more interesting to get deeper acquainted with the topic of DA, although I think to move towards DS.

    Links and photo reports

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