Pay Attention # 3: Digest of Articles on Product Thinking, Behavioral Psychology and Productivity

    • Jesse James Garrett (Adaptive Path Cofounder) talks about how to build trust in distributed teams.
    • The Information Diet is a LongRid from FutureCrunch (an Australian duo of strategists, innovators-that's-it-all) about what to do when there is too much information, and this starts to negatively affect our condition. The answer is, as in the case of nutrition, it is important to choose what, how and when to eat.
    • Translation of the Tristan Harris manifest on ethical design into Russian. A few examples of habitually forming food mechanics in one place - and a little about how they affect people (not very positively).
    • Ben Thompson (Stratechery) about why Microsoft is tearing into the business model of SaaS, and why the company is not easy to make this transition.
    • The product manager’s essay hails from Silicon Valley about how its perception of reality has changed with the rise of tech companies, inequality, and the emergence of other social phenomena in one of the richest regions in the world.

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