Cool Smart Jumps: Tangram Smart Rope Smart Rope Review

    - Why do you need, granddaughter (a little), this gym, I would go to the cottage: here you have all the fitness. - This phrase is often heard from older relatives.

    But I didn’t really want to return from such a “fitness club” with a review of the shovel, so we brought in a review of the smart rope Smart Rope from the first of May. In short, we liked it, but there are nuances.


    Under the Tangram brand, there are two versions of smart skipping ropes that automatically count the number of jumps and save data in the proprietary application for IOS and Android: Smart Rope and Smart Rope Pure . The Pure version is simpler. The killer features of the first jump rope, among other things, is the ability to see the number of jumps right in the air thanks to the diode tape.

    Of course, we were interested to learn how the most advanced works. And that’s what happened.

    First, about the killer feature

    Let's be honest: at the promo, it seems a little different than in real life. Here, of course, it depends on the pace, but with fast jumps, the numbers do not seem so obvious. We looked at how and at what pace they are displayed in other reviews, for example, here:


    And compared with what we managed to record:

    The first results were as follows:

    At speed, the diode strip probably cannot quickly register the entire pattern to the end. Also, the numbers seemed smaller than on the first video from the promo. Plus, in our case, the numbers were not drawn at the same level, they jumped higher or lower, which adds some inconvenience. However, this feature remains very original and unusual, and, of course, unique in its category. Despite the fact that you automatically begin to count in your head, peering into the numbers before your eyes was very interesting. You can easily go astray, and keeping a smartphone in front of your eyes on a tripod is not always convenient to watch the quantity in real time.

    Here I must say a few words about the device of the rope as a gadget. Without careful consideration, the rope seems "monolithic." In fact this is not true.

    At the very center of the main part of the device there is an insert made of fairly durable plastic. Just under it and hidden diode strip.

    From the point of view of fastening, everything looks extremely reliable.

    Diodes themselves, when they hit the ground, also remain safe, however, if you train on a hard surface, for example, jump on asphalt, you risk an aesthetic appearance of this very part. She, of course, is overwritten:

    One must be prepared for this, because the jump rope is still a street sport, so such victims can probably not be avoided.

    Handles are made very nice. They are moderately heavy, one might even say “heavy”, fit well in the hand. Only the top scrolls.

    Nothing slips in the hand, does not twist. This adds comfort during the process. But this, by the way, is an occasion to deceive the system: a few words about this later, when we get to the application.

    Also, at the junction of the handles and the main part, the size is indicated. Separate attention must be paid to this!

    The fact is that Smart Rope is not an adjustable jump rope. In each case, you need to select your size individually. From personal experience, we can say that the “M-ka” works perfectly and comfortably with a height of 180 cm.

    On one of the handles is a button on and off:

    It also acts as a cover, under which a charging connector.

    The fact that the rope is turned on or off will be signaled by the blinking of this button itself, and a one-time indication of the diode tape.

    Power On: Power


    Total Out of Use

    The jump rope is designed and executed well and reliably and it is pleasant and convenient to use it. Soft and smooth scrolling at any speed, soft enough main part to perform various tricks (crosswise, for example). Some key points so far seem unusual - this is magic with numbers right in the air, but there are numbers, they are distinguishable, everything is fair. It's a shame for the central part, which is wiped on the surface, but there is nothing to be done, unfortunately. With intense training, the process is inevitable, but it does not affect perception.


    Of course, the jump rope would not be smart, if it had not been able to work in tandem with proprietary applications that carefully store statistics. Two apps:

    Smart Gym
    Smart Rope

    Smart Gym
    Smart Rope

    By and large, there is no functional difference between the two:

    It feels Smart Gym takes a little longer to load. Both applications are not completely localized, but Smart Rope has more Korean than English. Ropes with both applications work properly, connect instantly, connect stably.

    You can jump by observing the meter in real time or by storing the rope in the memory - for this it must be turned on. Then the data is quietly imported into the software.

    In general, it should be noted that a significant part of the software is dedicated to all kinds of motivating add-ons: here are personal training for a while, and awards for achievements, and a list of the best “horses” from around the world.

    And here for those for whom figures are more important than morality, open space. The fact is that the counters in the rope are just the very scrollable elements in the handle. That is, just sitting and twisting the handle, you can famously break ahead. But this is dishonest, and we do not approve of it.

    Statistics can be viewed by day:

    Or over a longer period in the form of a convenient generalized table:

    Daily data can also be detailed by different indicators:

    All this, of course, is available in each application.

    Application Summary

    The application is simple and clear, despite incomplete localization and fragments of a foreign text. It is more “tailored” to motivation: awards, competitions with friends, time jumps, world table. Two “windows” are reserved for statistics - the first is the current training session and the saved statistics for the period is the last.

    This seems logical, because the projectile is quite simple in itself with a very limited set of training opportunities. Like it or not, it will still be jumping. Perhaps this can be boring sooner or later, therefore, a constant “return” in the application and to training due to small tricks in the form of virtual competitions is required.

    Data tied to the idea of ​​healthy lifestyle, body control, weight loss. In addition to the statistics of jumps themselves, there is a conversion of them into calories consumed. For certain functions (competition with friends), authorization through social networks is required.


    Despite the fact that usually you do not have any high requirements for simulators in terms of design, this cannot be noted here: everything was done beautifully and elegantly. Such a rope is quite drawn to a prestigious gift for a dear person. Despite the fact that Red dot is not found anywhere on the box, from the point of view of design, everything is very worthy.

    Several promo photos

    The colors of the pens may be different - they are, of course, not always necessarily white. All this is completed with an additional cover so that the rope does not unravel and does not take up much space.

    Inside it is upholstered with very soft and pleasant material - there is no risk of scratching the rope.

    Also included is a wire for charging the jump rope gadget.

    General results and impressions

    Despite the fact that previously some Chinese jump ropes with built-in mechanical counters were known to us, nevertheless this product can be recognized as unique and stands out in the general mass. We liked the gadget itself.

    It performs all its declared functions efficiently and without failures. It may be necessary to get used to the numbers in the air somehow or just need skill to make them appear evenly on the same level, but there are numbers, they are visible and distinguishable.

    There is nothing to complain about in the quality of materials, if we take into account the inevitability of “erasing” the central part during intensive training. Pens are really nice to hold in your hands. Everything scrolls very smoothly and evenly, without any “sticking”.

    The application does not raise questions, although there are some untranslated parts. Everything is clear enough or becomes clear after going to the appropriate section. It seems logical to make a decision to focus on motivating functions that should return you to training every day.

    In general, I want to finish on the positive, and admit that such a gadget can be not only curious, but also useful. And at the same time stylish. Verdict: I liked it.

    It's worth it in the spirit of the times (spoiler: a lot), but for those interested we, as always, offer a discount of 10% until the end of the week: TANGRAMHABR , which works on both versions of Tangram smart skipping ropes. The jump rope, to which the review is devoted, is Smart Rope . There is also a second version - Pure .

    All good holidays and successful summer fitness!

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