PS2 / PSP emulator + Google Drive + YouTube = "madness" continues

    Hello to all readers!

    I continue the theme of the software emulator for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable - Omega Red . In details:

    In this article, I will continue my “crazy” experiments on the project. Welcome to Kat.

    As the name implies, the experiments touched two services from Google: Drive and YouTube.
    Many will ask the question - why? These services have more to do with "cloud" technologies than with software emulation of old game consoles!?! But, as I believe, some immediately understood the idea - by connecting the application to the cloud service, it becomes possible to store and manage data in the cloud directly from the application. The Omega Red emulator allows you to not only run games from “images” of disks, but also to create data: save and video recordings of the game process! By linking your Google account with the Omega Red emulator, you can "upload" :) to the Google Drive cloud of save games, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable, and "publish" a video of your passing these games! Straight from the emulator!

    The emulator communicates with the Google account by clicking on the Google icon in the “General Settings” panel - “General config”, in the “Registration:” - “Sign in:” option:

    By clicking on it, in the browser installed in the system by default, a request to access your account for Omega Red will open:

    This is logical - the emulator must have access to create files and delete them in the "cloud" storage.

    After registration, buttons appear for downloading to Google services:

    Google Drive:


    Currently, the program is available at: Omega Red and is presented on GitHub: OmegaRed .

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Does it make practical sense to add the ability to "direct" stream games from the emulator to the YouTube channel?

    • 75% Yes, I will stream! 18
    • 25% No, junk is too boring! 6

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