In the wake of the hackathon in Nizhny Novgorod


    At the end of March, together with partners from AI Community, we conducted a data analysis hackathon in Nizhny Novgorod. Front-end and back-end vendors, data-side engineers, engineers and architects, product owners and scrum masters could try their hand at solving real production problems — it was from representatives of these specialties that teams were formed that claimed victory.

    It is time to take stock and talk about how everything went.

    Under the cutscene - about gamification, bot and much more.

    56 people who divided into 16 teams responded to the call to participate in our hackathon.

    Registering participants, choosing a team (or creating your own), earning points and exchanging these points for prizes - all this was done through our bot, @siburchallenge_bot.

    Points were earned like this
    Up to 500 - for registration on the hackathon website (the earlier the registration date, the more points).
    Up to 500 - for the registration of the team (in the same dependence on the date).
    100 - for presenting #siburchallenge participants in the chat and information posted about themselves.
    100 - for sending a resume.
    100 - for each correct answer after the video lessons, and in case of successful completion (75% of the correct answers) of the entire educational program - additional points.
    100 - for completing the first lesson in the bot.
    Up to 1500 - for completing the entire program (at least 75% of the correct answers) before a certain date: the sooner, the more points.
    500 - for participation in the referral program.
    Up to 300 - for announcements and reviews on social networks.
    Up to 500 - for attending additional events before the hackathon.
    100 - for feedback.
    200 - for a found bug or error.

    By the way, as practice (and reviews) showed, the system of scoring should be completed - sometimes teams that registered a little later thought that they would not catch up with those who had registered earlier. Just because those guys have already been given more points for the fact of earlier registration. We explained that this is taken into account, but still not the most important parameter.

    And you could spend points either on something that would help in the hackathon (extra time from experts, for example, business analysis, HR-trajectory and other utilities), or on useful merch from the organizers and other prizes.

    For example, a quadrocopter, which the guys from the Cooling Tower team received just for their points.

    It was possible to start spending points immediately from the moment they were received. Someone did, and someone decided to try to accumulate a maximum and spend them in the final. Here the bot helped again - it was enough to request through it the current balance of bonus points, after which it was possible to generate a QR code. You show the QR code to the organizer - you receive a gift.

    In addition to the search for interesting solutions to our problems, this hackathon also became for us a platform on which we tested a number of mechanics that were not previously used - ratings of teams and participants, using the bot not only for collecting data or distributing tasks, a training platform. The participants (and we as organizers) liked all this, of course, there were small roughnesses, for example, the process of scoring points for prizes did not work as vigorously as their accrual. But we will take this into account and be sure to finish it.

    As for the tasks and their solutions, customers from the business service center received a number of ready-made working prototypes, on the example of which it will be possible to discuss requirements for new products. And on the basis of the best solutions, products that we provided information for tasks will be developed.

    We want to say thanks to all the hackathon participants for their interest in digitalization of production, and also to the guys from AI Community for help with organizing and conducting - seriously, thanks, thanks to all of you, you managed to create an excellent startup atmosphere in which participants and experts can -humanly communicate and quickly solve problems. Let for a couple of days.


    Separately, we want to note the importance of feedback, and especially healthy criticism. Of course, it was nice for us and the organizers to read warm feedback from the participants, but we also had a very practical and practical feedback - we now know what and where to finish it to make the next hackathon even better.

    Below are examples of reviews that the guys sent us.
    The hackathon came to an end, on the one hand it was joyful - it ended and the worthy teams took their places, on the other hand - he began to miss the atmosphere that was there, according to experts who were trying to help you with advice and a hint.
    This was my first hackathon and I was lucky that my first experience was in Siberia.
    I got a huge motivation to improve my skills and gain knowledge of IT, the motivation is just huge.

    The experts were very qualified and what really pleased us was talking as friends. This improved our relationship every time we asked them for help.
    I also met some of the guys from other teams.

    The experience with this hackathon was very useful for me - now I will always take into account the "business" component when developing projects, try to create my product beautifully and conveniently, so that it is convenient for people and this can promote their enterprises.

    I’ll take food to the pluses)

    Food was always there, it wasn’t that I went out to eat, and it’s empty there)

    Thanks also for the gifts, I will activate all the certificates and will learn new things.
    Thanks to everyone who organized this hackathon - you are just great, and I will definitely come to the next hackathon to see you again and chat with you!

    Now let's move on to the cons.

    1. Well, this is air conditioning, it was frying, it was cool, my friend was even a little sick.

    2. I think at the very end of the event it would be nice to voice some kind of machine learning courses that experts would advise.

    3. There was a lot of food, but I didn’t eat some dishes for breakfast and lunch, because I just didn’t like some products (this is a minus, most likely for me. The organizers made sure that everyone was fed and I still did not stay hungry) . Perhaps this is all) Once again I want to say thank you for this atmosphere, this experience and invaluable knowledge, I came out from there just on emotions, thanks to the organizers for the excellent organization of the event, see you in July)

    The SiburChallenge event was incredibly atmospheric and eventful, they organized all the necessary conditions for the participants, a pleasant company, an amazing team of experts who not only listened dryly, but also gave useful advice. Wonderful restaurant menu, gifts, funny and productive conversations. As a representative of the TeamPepe team, of which there were already three people left for the night, it was truly unforgettable: solving problems at night, coffee, seagulls, trying to sleep on the floor is also a kind of romance. For these two days we gave everything 100% and at the possible level we solved the problem using a suitable stack. We have many ideas for the further development and integration of our application. Thank you very much for the competent implementation of the hackathon. With love and respect from me and TeamPepe

    Anton, PepeTeam

    This is my first hackathon, so my review may not be very objective. In general, I am deeply delighted. The platform is a different world, I even forgot that I am in Nizhny Novgorod. Good ventilation and air conditioning, water and food are always available. Nothing distracted from work, and for that, just respect and respect. It is also important that it was not crowded - the people came decently, but did not hit their foreheads. The music was very much in the subject and of sufficient volume so as not to interfere with thinking. I can’t say anything about training, and perhaps this is a fly in the ointment. It would be awesome to work with awareness. Everyone I managed to talk to learned about the hackathon in about a week. It would be cool if there was an advertising campaign before the event, if, of course, the funds allow. The points system and the ability to purchase prizes is a very cool solution, like your telegram bot. I also separately note your work. Firstly, I got to the hackathon * only * thanks to you. I would not come because I know my level. Nevertheless, you dragged me, and gave me this incredible experience and these cool acquaintances, plus gifts, of course. Secondly, you were always there when something was required, we received help for all our requests, we were never ignored or referred to employment. Thirdly, it was just nice to look at you, you are always in a good mood, and your sweaters are cool. Send me such a one, I will wear it with pleasure. and they gave me this incredible experience and these cool acquaintances, plus gifts, of course. Secondly, you were always there when something was required, we received help for all our requests, we were never ignored or referred to employment. Thirdly, it was just nice to look at you, you are always in a good mood, and your sweaters are cool. Send me such a one, I will wear it with pleasure. and they gave me this incredible experience and these cool acquaintances, plus gifts, of course. Secondly, you were always there when something was required, we received help for all our requests, we were never ignored or referred to employment. Thirdly, it was just nice to look at you, you are always in a good mood, and your sweaters are cool. Send me such a one, I will wear it with pleasure.

    … Tasks. It’s very interesting to work with real tasks, especially when they differ from your usual ones. We were interested in both tasks, we even wanted to try to solve both of them (yes, here we are the most in vain, we thought that 2 days is so much). We felt a great responsibility when developing the algorithm, because the experts explained to us how large volumes of profit depend on this decision.


    In this category, everything was not as perfect as in the others. We expected a few other points prizes. This, of course, is a matter of taste, but it seems to me that next time you can add some books, maybe even branded T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies with your symbols or related to the event. Auction is a good idea, everything went a lot of fun. True, we did not wait for the last auction to buy flash drives there)

    And yet, I really wanted to get a consultation with hr so ​​that he looked at my resume, but in such a busy mode it was unrealistic. Maybe next time add the ability to do similar things for points online: just send a resume and get a detailed answer.

    And the most important part is the experts.

    I still don’t really understand why socks cost 2700, and sessions with experts 1100)

    Experts really helped a lot. All the main ideas that helped us win were born in the process or after the sessions with various experts. Such communication is the most useful part of the hackathon. Because the experts really helped, shared their experiences, told real stories from their lives, put us at a standstill with their questions, in general, helped a lot.

    Many thanks to all your team for the work done, everything was at the highest level. We saw how many people worked so that everything turned out as cool as it turned out. It is very pleasant to realize that I was a part of this event. We will follow your news and participate in the following events
    Thank you️

    I am sincerely sorry for the organizers of other hackathons in which we will participate, because the level of my expectations is very high due to you.

    We give only a few reviews, otherwise the post will turn out to be too large, but be that as it may - guys, thanks for the quality feedback and useful suggestions.


    We had two tasks, one about predictive analytics of coking (we wrote a little about this in this post ), and the second about vouchers to a sanatorium. Here it was necessary to take 19,000 applications from employees for vouchers with analysts on work experience, awards and personal data for benefits, the sanatorium's room fund, and criteria for awarding employees vouchers. And at the exit, come up with a solution that will help the HR specialist quickly and efficiently distribute these vouchers among employees, taking into account each factor. And it was necessary to make both the algorithm itself and the interface option for the employee.

    Therefore, we have two first places, two second and two third - for each of the tasks.

    First place

    Second place

    Third place

    And here you can see all 515 photos from the hackathon.

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