Pro Content 2019: three hard reports and ditty

    Hello, Habr! We had a conference on the development of technical documentation - ProContent 2019 . I had a chance to look at the process of the birth of the conference from the inside and even make a five-minute mini-report. Without pretending to be objective, I will tell you very briefly about the reports that I liked the most.

    “Neural networks and text: the search for meaning” (Andrey Slukin, Kaspersky Lab)
    A short, clear and inspiring guide for beginners to quickly launch a solution to search for similar text fragments:

    "Still testing manually?" Then we will come to you ”(Tatyana Rodionova, Irina Rybnikova, Positive Technologies)

    Using SCHEMA and Schematron in conjunction with other tools for automated quality control of documentation:

    “Text as an Interface” (Elena Fedotova, Intel Corporation)

    An excellent overview of how to embed documentation in a product, as well as using Content Strategy when creating embedded help:

    “On an example of the maximum reduction in the volume of a technical text” (Vasily Lukyanov, Kaspersky Lab)

    Easter mini-report not announced in the conference program. Praising yourself is good, but I really liked it, so I’m on the list:

    Also popular now: