Students, perennial students and people eager for new knowledge

    In November, the studiosa around the world celebrated International Student Day. And today we are celebrating our own, “localized” Day of Russian students - 264 years ago a decree was signed on the establishment of Moscow University, today known in narrow circles as Moscow State University. And in honor of the holiday catch a selection of courses GeekBrains and video lectures for every taste. After all, 200 years ago it was possible to get a diploma and live well with the knowledge gained up to the grandchildren, and today knowledge is becoming obsolete rapidly.

    And while you read, do not forget to include the immortal Gaudeamus Igitur as a background .

    Python programmer

    A Python programmer creates fast and secure websites in one of the most popular programming languages ​​(he is in the top five of the most popular in the world according to TIOBE), uses a snake adverb to create games, applications, system utilities. Knowledge of Python opens the way to the leading IT companies in the world. 11 practical courses and 2 months internship. Begin on February 7 and 9 .

    • Interactive course on the basics of programming . The first steps in programming.
    • Git . Fast start. Git Basics
    • Python . Fast start. Basics of the Python language.
    • Basics of the Python language . From the fundamentals of programming to building programs using OOP.
    • Interactive course on HTML / CSS . Basics of creating sites.
    • Django . Creating a website.
    • Basics of databases . Database design and SQL queries.
    • Algorithms and data structures in Python . Basic programming algorithms and classical data structures as the basis for high-quality code.
    • Python. Advanced level . Phased application development.
    • English for IT professionals . Video course.
    • How to become a programmer . Step by step instructions for finding a job.

    C ++ programmer

    Learn C ++ - the sought-after language of complex tasks and large-scale projects. Become a junior developer in 8 months and complete your portfolio with cool projects. Special practical course for the true "crusader". 9 months. Begin on February 7 and 9 .

    • Linux Level 1 . Administration of workstations.
    • Git Quick start . Git Basics
    • Interactive course on the basics . Basic concepts and first steps.
    • Interactive course on procedural programming and C ++ basics . Basics of language.
    • Algorithms and data structures . Effective solutions to computational problems.
    • Development of programs with graphical interface in C ++ . Qt Framework.
    • Object Oriented Programming . Dive into the PLO.
    • C ++ memory management . Analysis of modern frameworks.
    • Internship in GeekBrains . Webinar course.

    Education at the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence (Data Science )

    For one and a half years of study you will acquire the following knowledge and skills:

    • Python programming skills.
    • Knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
    • Ability to work in Linux and operating systems.
    • Skills of designing architecture, using design patterns singletone, adapter, factory, dependency injection, etc.
    • The ability to write "clean" code.
    • Skills of work with neural networks.
    • Methods of machine learning.
    • The ability to solve problems of machine vision and natural language recognition.
    • Ability to apply probability theory and mathematical statistics.
    • Knowledge of linear algebra, mathematical analysis and optimization methods.

    Upon admission you will have a test that includes theoretical questions. If the test is not passed, we offer to take courses in the preparatory program and get the missing knowledge. Begin on February 12 and 22 .

    Education at the faculty of web development

    For one and a half years of study you will acquire the following knowledge and skills:

    • Automated code testing skills.
    • Work with highload projects.
    • Teamwork.
    • Ability to work with GIT.
    • Knowledge of OOP principles and design patterns.
    • Product and project management.
    • Network security
    • Skills of successful interviewing and communication with customers.
    • Architecture design skills, use of design patterns, SOLID principles, following code style.

    Beginning January 29th .

    Graphic Designer

    4 practical courses and 2 months internship. Start February 19th .

    • Basics of graphic design . Basic knowledge of working with fonts, colors, modular grids and typography.
    • Work with software: Photoshop, Illustrator and Figma . You will get the skills to work with the three most popular tools of the modern designer.
    • Branding: strategy . The main task of the course is to understand and decompose the brand into elements, and then assemble it back into an integral brand platform, which will become the basis for visual communication and identity.
    • Branding: visual communication . Development of the visual language of the brand.

    Game designer

    Game Designer - a person who develops a game universe: from the general idea, genre and plot to individual characters, quests and locations. Start February 25th .

    • The prologue . 8 lessons. Game industry: basic concepts and principles of game design.
    • Specialization . 64 lessons. Dive into a specialty.
      • Introductory course in game design. Familiarity with the profession and the work with which it is associated. Discussion of the course program, its objectives and the final result. We study the basic concepts and philosophy of game design in general.
      • The plot and the world of the game. We study the specifics of work in different genres and directions. Tips and useful tricks when working with different genres. We study monetization.
      • From idea to documentation. We fix in practice the process of developing ideas. We carry out market research, study competitors, notice interesting ideas and learn from their mistakes. We are developing monetization. We write the pitch and concept document for the future prototype.
      • Unreal Blueprints. Learning to create prototypes in UE4. We make a prototype of the finished concept.
      • Balance and Economy. Learn the basic rules for creating an in-game economy and balance.
      • Casual games. We study the industry of casual games, how they are created and what game designers do in such projects.
      • Plot games. We study the industry of plot games, how they are created and what game designers do in such projects.
    • Internship . Upon completion of the training, all students will be trained in cross-functional teams. The result of the internship will be a game created.

    ESports management

    Online course on marketing and event management in eSports. We will teach you to work with the audience, sponsors and events. 7 months. Start February 19th .

    • Module 1. FAQ about eSports.
    • Module 2. Marketing in eSports.
    • Module 3. Event management.
    • Module 4. The game as e-sports.
    • Module 5. Working with a team.
    • Module 6. The final module.
    • Module 7. Thesis project.


    In social networks, people form an opinion about brands, make purchasing decisions and share feedback. These processes can and should be controlled, and this is what the SMM specialist does. We teach all necessary skills step by step on the course. 4 months. Start February 14th .

    • The prologue . Familiarity with the SMM universe, career guidance and first steps in strategy development.
    • Content . Introduction to content marketing, features and applications of different types of content.
    • Promotion . Features and nuances of promotion in each social network, the possibility of advertising offices, an introduction to media planning and budgeting.

    After successfully completing any of our courses, you will receive a certificate of the established sample, which will give you a good “acceleration” when looking for a job.

    Video lectures

    Advanced C ++ programming

    11 lectures. The purpose of the course : acquaintance with the tools and practitioners used in modern development, obtaining the skills to write correct and flexible C ++ code. Formation of practical skills and abilities required by software development specialists to participate in industrial development projects in C ++, including to fill trainee positions for developers of server-side high-load applications.

    Android development

    10 lectures. What skills will you get:

    • Effective use of the Android Studio development environment for creating user interfaces, writing and debugging code, profiling applications, finding and solving problems in code.
    • Knowledge of the opportunities provided by the standard library and the Android platform, the ability to effectively use them.
    • Designing code with the qualities of modularity, extensibility, ease of support.
    • Using automated testing tools.

    Preparatory course for beginners "Algorithms and data structures"

    8 lectures. The purpose of the course : to acquaint students with the basic algorithms used for software development. To teach to choose suitable data structures and algorithms for the implementation of emerging problems. Teach to use C and C ++ languages ​​as a tool for implementing algorithms.

    System Programming

    10 lectures. The purpose of the course : to improve the understanding of the work of the Linux operating system, learn to use knowledge for system programming. The course covers the device operating system based on the GNU / Linux kernel, the device of the kernel itself and its subsystems. It describes and describes how to interact with the OS. The course material is as close to reality as possible, filled with examples.


    7 lectures. The purpose of the course : the study of the topology, diversity and basic principles of functioning of storage systems and data, as well as the algorithms underlying both centralized and distributed systems, demonstrating the fundamental trade-offs inherent in one or another solution. The course reveals a variety of solutions for storing data in Internet projects in three dimensions:

    • data model continuum;
    • data consistency continuum;
    • continuum of data storage algorithms.

    The course program is intended both for system programmers, DBMS developers, and application programmers, creators of queuing systems on the Internet.

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