Quantum enrichment in a multi-world interpretation


    I don’t like quantum suicide. I do not like all kinds of murders, suicides. But half a million dollars "out of nothing" I would have acquired the property willingly. And you? ..

    Well, let's try. 1000 Habrovsk citizens are discounted at $ 1000 each in a special fund. Total one million. Suppose that half a million goes to legal formalities and to create a reliable machine for quantum suicide (a sealed room, an ampoule with a radioactive element, a sensor that releases deadly poisonous gas or does not let it out into the room ... in general, everything is all right). There remains another half a million - this is the prize fund. The machine is tuned so that the formal probability of surviving in it for a quarter of an hour is, well, say, one hundred millionth.

    Further it is clear: the first survivor and takes away the entire prize pool. Project participants cast lots, which determines who in what sequence gets into this same machine. And the experiment begins.

    If the multi-world interpretation of quantum mechanics is correct, none of the participants are in danger - even, in fact, parting with a thousand dollars. He got into the car - lasted a quarter of an hour - got out of there - and, to the sad applause of the rest of the participants, he took half a million. On which the experiment is completed. But you can immediately offer to repeat it on the same conditions - if suddenly half a million does not seem enough. And if all of the other participants suddenly have at least fifty dollars more.

    Well, if you’re not true ... Well, from the outside you won’t find out - as long as you observe from the outside, the corpses of the losers will be taken out from the room one by one. The losers in this world, in yours, are there, “at home,” each of them is doing well: they are alive and well, and they have also been significantly enriched.

    Oh yes. “From the outside”, for those who observe the experiment from the outside, not being a participant in it, all the experimenters will die. Well, most likely. Here it is not clear what to do with the prize pool. But it is possible to appoint its manager not from among the participants. For example, me.

    I swear vowingly to build a feline shelter of exemplary content for all this money, without leaving a cent. The working title is, of course, Schrödinger's Cat.

    No wanting? .. Hmm. Maybe to open a project on Kickstarter? ..

    PSThe story "Coin"

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