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    This is how you watch the passions on the Internet:

    And then you think: in vain, of course, the authors of the articles do not take into account the recommendations of seo-experts regarding how much text fits into the Title.

    But seriously, “strange headphones” is our favorite topic: then we have bone conduction in all forms, then headphones without wires, where the main thing is not music, but bluetooth, or even headphones that do not lose anything than are not synchronized. Smart earplugs that need to be charged. Here the world has come to this.

    In general, to be honest, we liked this thing. On Habré there was already a ragged review on this device, and indeed many things imported by the "Dadget" really seem strange to someone. The price tag also impresses many - QuietOn is really not that small:about 13 thousand rubles !

    For those who objected that penniless ear plugs could be dispensed with, there really wasn’t. Compared, looked, and ear plugs do not work like that.

    And here we must still praise the Dadget: they somehow manage to always sell cheaper than the manufacturer. So it was with their CO2 tracker, which the supplier cost $ 100, and in Russia - about 4,500 rubles, and now: on the official QuietOn website it costs 179 Euros (* 74 rubles), and in Russia 12,990 thousand rubles.

    What is QuietOn

    QuietOn is an intelligent electronic ear plugs that are designed to reduce ambient noise at certain frequencies, making work, hobbies and relaxation more comfortable. Such headphones can be addressed:

    • 1. For those who have trouble falling asleep, they react sharply to surrounding sounds. For example, the sounds of snoring.
    • 2. For those who cannot concentrate enough on work in a noisy open office.
    • 3. Representatives of construction professions.
    • 4. Those who fly often.

    To whom they do not fit:

    • 1. Actually in bed in them will not be very comfortable
    • 2. Those who are used to working with music

    I have to admit that these are headphones for those who love silence - such a paradox. Moreover, not absolute silence. The experience of use indicates that they, of course, do not block everything.

    The noise reduction effect is achieved using the technology of inverting sound vibrations in the low frequency range. As a result, you almost don’t hear annoying noise and hear well the voice of the interlocutor or public information announcements. QuietOn is also used in noisy industries, in open-space offices, in houses near noisy roads, at night next to a snoring person.

    It was interesting to test them in the office: indeed, part of the noise, shuffling feet, pieces of paper falling from the table, the sound of a coffee machine - much that merged into a single hum, decreased, ceased to be heard at all. At the same time, the voices of colleagues remained somehow distinguishable. At the same time, the sense of space was somewhat distorted. You seem to hear a voice, but, plunging into work, you do not immediately understand where it comes from. For full communication, of course, it is better to take them out of your ears.

    Street noise also behaves interestingly: sharp signals are still present somewhere, but all kinds of “side” noises, steps, rolling strollers are distinguishable visually, but are not audible. In all these cases, you don’t seem to be completely out of reality, you can react to the car, which is generally quite safe.

    We managed to carry out an interesting test with such a thing:

    The device is intended for those who fall asleep badly. It imitate the calming sounds of nature. We chose the sound of rain at medium volume, next to the laptop.

    9 seconds, recording on Iphone 7

    • In ordinary earplugs without music - the sound is heard remotely, but discernible
    • In ear plugs - the sound is heard
    • In QuietOn - no sound is heard

    Earplugs certainly win in price, but lose in versatility. They either block everything or block nothing: a lot depends on the features of the structure of the ear. A little less “sealing”, and the sound penetrates completely without hindrance. In general, personal experience with ear plugs is bad.

    It turned out that they can reduce the surrounding noise, but at the same time it still remains with you, still merging into a single hum from the sounds of the printer, walking, humming voices, etc., all the same, but quieter. QuietOn eliminates some of the sounds.

    How QuietOn Gags Work

    Innovative noise suppressors allow you to create a personal, quiet space for sleeping or working. Unlike conventional ear plugs, they not only block the ear canal, but also invert sound waves, which reduces noise by 40 dB!

    They are arranged quite simply: there is a microphone that picks up sound and a processor that determines whether to “damp” it or not. If the sound needs to be removed, then the headphones give out the opposite phase of the incoming sound, and plus minus = zero. About how compensation for sound leakage in bone headphones works.

    And it works. At first it seems a little unusual, but as a result, you quickly get used to such noise reduction, and the sound space surrounding you becomes quite natural.

    In addition to active noise reduction, ear pads also play their role as passive noise suppressors. Three interchangeable nozzles are included: two silicone options and one foam.

    In general, the kit was criticized not quite rightly. Perhaps the device worth 13 thousand wanted something more, but in principle, everything was in place: replaceable nozzles, cable, box charging. Boxing is made simple, it's true.

    When you close it with the headphones, we see the gap. This is a little annoying from an aesthetic point of view, but this case performs its functions. On the back there is a charging connector:

    Inside - a place for QuietOn.

    The charging electrodes are located on the lid:

    Accordingly, the upper part of the headphones, external, open all the time while wearing, is a place to connect the charging, which may not be the most thoughtful solution.


    We write this post when someone again drills something behind a wall in our office, but this sound is currently indistinguishable because QuietOn is in the ears. In short, these gags fulfill their promises.

    Sleeping in a horizontal position in them will not be very comfortable, and indeed headphones for sleeping are also our favorite, but perhaps a separate topic. But taking a nap on an airplane is quite possible, like on a train, in an electric train.

    During street walks, most people will prefer headphones with music, but there are usage models for QuietOn: I got to read a book in nature, the noise of Velikov / skateboards, the noise of the wind will be less distinguishable.

    They are most applicable so far as they seem like an office accessory for those who cannot work to music. To concentrate is a normal decision. The only thing that is alarming is, of course, the price is 12,990. Headphones without sound with the cost of the first AirPods are very decent, of course.

    15% discount for those who are interested
    You can buy QuietOn on our website. With a 15% discount on the coupon, they will cost a little more than 11 thousand - QUIETON15 - until the end of April.

    The device is definitely specific and very niche. It is difficult to say how much one needs to love silence in order to use additionally “smart earplugs”. To be honest to the end - here is the owner’s review from Habr’s from the previous review:

    I will write an honest review as a person who went to them for four months. I live in central London. You get tired of the noise wildly. Cars, people, music. The average noise level with open windows is 65-70 decibels, with closed 50. Earplugs do their job just fine, there are no complaints about this. Cut noise to a comfortable 35-40. In the subway, even the grinding of wheels is not annoying. They are comfortable walking, sleeping, chatting and generally living.

    On this pluses as a whole end. Of the minuses:

    • The case may burn in hell. It does not close normally, randomly opens. The cable with its light weight can easily open it. Insulating tape and glue you as a gift.
    • Build and design as if they were made in the 2000s. Although the headphones themselves are well assembled, the connecting seam can be sharp and not pleasant to the touch.
    • Do not count on manufacturer support. I had it, twitter, no one will answer you
    • There is no protection against water. Dropped into a puddle, go for new ones. And fuck you dry them. If the water is inside, the ear plugs end

    In general, the general feeling: this is a very specific product, for people who are really hard with noise. But for that kind of money ($ 200 US in London), I'd rather take some excellent noise-canceling headphones from any other company.

    I think the niche of noise-suppressing ear plugs still has a place to go and I do not recommend buying these ear plugs.

    We add only a couple of comments: in general, it is nice that for the most part problematic issues, our opinions coincided. Earplugs work, but negligence and a price tag do not bribe. The only thing that is not entirely true for Russian users is that our technical support works better.

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