FunTech QA-automation meetup announcement

    Hello! We invite QA engineers to our first test mitap on automation.


    “Autotests, uniting approaches, platforms and hearts”, Mikhail Chirkov,

    Advantages and disadvantages of cross-platform autotests (in our case, the android and web platforms), implementation difficulties and ways to solve problems when building autotests from scratch, screenplay vs pageobject. Or maybe you do not need to choose?

    The report will be interesting both to those who are just faced with the choice to write monoplatform tests or cross-platform ones, as well as to those who have already made their choice.

    “Do you have autotests?” And if I find it? ”, Alexey Petrov, FunCorp

    Communicating with candidates at interviews, coming with consulting or a new job, I often came across a case of widespread and passionate desire to introduce test automation. Moreover, surprisingly, the situation is often accompanied by a number of obstacles. And it’s good if this is just a lack of knowledge and automation skills, the situation is a little worse, if there are problems with the allocation of resources for this type of activity (time, infrastructure, etc.), well, it’s really bad when there are obvious problems with understanding “ why do we need automation? ”

    In my report, I will talk about this situation from two sides: from the position of a testing specialist and from the position of a company. Naturally, I’ll tell you not only about the problems and their causes, but also about how you can deal with them and successfully cope with my own experience of implementing test automation in the work process and building an automation pipeline.

    “Continuous Integration and Automation” Alexey Khalaji,

    In the framework of the report, I will talk about what processes it makes sense to automate when developing a large product in order to increase the efficiency of interaction between different departments and accelerate the release of the product without loss of quality.

    The story will be based on the history of the development of the CI infrastructure as part of the development of a mobile application for iOS:

    • The charms of life without CI and automation
    • Who needs CI and why?
    • What tasks does it make sense to automate and at what stages of product development?
    • Testing as an important component of the release cycle
    • Continuous Integration Levels
    • CI as a centralized means of communication and solving common problems between all participants in the product development process
    • CI architecture in Mail.Ru Mail iOS client development team
    • Continuous integration of departments in automation
    • Continuous Test Automation
    • CI as a metric for product quality

    “Unit testing as a tool for QA engineers”, Nikita Kuznetsov,

    Automating everything and everything is the traditional way of automating the regression of many companies. However, there comes a time when the number of tests becomes so large that all the working time is not spent on creating new autotests, but on supporting already written ones.

    I’ll tell you how our team envisioned a similar situation and established a process that allows us to increase regression coverage with the least support costs.

    “Parallel testing with autotests and other elegant ways to speed up the delivery of features”, Katerina Sprinsyan, Badoo

    Previously, we at Badoo focused mainly on manual testing. It turned out to be a kind of manual regression deadlock: there was no time to write tests, because I tested a lot with my hands, and I tested a lot with my hands, because there were no autotests.

    But we were able to establish our automation system and processes, broke this vicious circle and began to write good tests.

    In my report, I will tell you how we managed to reduce manual regression from 90% to 30% of working time, while maintaining a decent level of quality and professionally grow!

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