Oleg Shelaev about GraalVM on jug.msk.ru

    At the April 4, 2019 meeting of the jug.msk.ru community of Moscow Java developers , Oleg Shelaev from OracleLabs made a presentation on GraalVM .

    About Speaker

    Oleg is currently a developer advocate of the GraalVM project at OracleLabs . He previously worked at ZeroTurnaround , writing many good articles on the company's blog . Organizer of VirtualJUG and GDG Tartu mitaps . In 2017, it became the Java Champion . Frequent speaker at various conferences, including those organized by JUG.ru Group .

    Oleg speaks for the second time at jug.msk.ru , his first performance was on January 25, 2013 .

    Papers and interviews:

    • “Monads - an abstraction or a crutch?” ( JPoint 2016 : presentation , video )
    • “Functional data structures with Java 8” ( Devoxx 2016 : presentation , video )
    • “Overview of multithreading capabilities in Java” ( JUG.ru-2017 : presentation , video )
    • “I should always be in sight” - Interview with Oleg Shelaev, part 1 ( Habr, JUG.ru Group company blog : text , video )
    • “When you tell a true story, they believe it much more” - Interview with Oleg Shelaev, part 2 ( Habr, JUG.ru Group blog : text , video )
    • “How to create a new JVM language” ( Devoxx 2017 : presentation , video )
    • Ten Things You Can Do With GraalVM ( Devoxx 2018 : Video )
    • “Compiling Java ahead-of-time with GraalVM” ( Joker 2018 : presentation , video available so far only to conference participants)
    • “Fast startup for Java apps with GraalVM” ( DevClub-2018 : video )
    • GraalVM: Run Programs Faster Anywhere ( GOTO 2018 : video )
    • Software Development Podcast (SDCast) Issue 98

    Other links: Twitter , GitHub , Speaker Deck .

    About the report

    Andrey Kogun opened the meeting, recalling the JPoint 2019 conference taking place in the next two days .

    At the conference, Oleg made a report Supercompilation, partial evaluation, Futamura projections and how GraalVM will save the world , which could be considered a continuation of what was said in the next 3 hours. For more on GraalVM, there was also a Maximizing performance with GraalVM report from Thomas Wuerthinger. The following three-hour narrative, separated by a break, was a very detailed introduction to the basics of GraalVM . Oleg has a rare ability to explain complex things, possibly simply and clearly, quickly and easily answering tricky questions that arise. Components of GraalVM

    , architecture, location of code and examples , version differences, startup methods, test results. The hall was full. During, during the break and after the performance, the participants asked a lot of questions and had the opportunity to communicate both with Oleg and with each other. After the break, the creation of native images (executable files of the target platform using AOT ) and the use of other languages ​​(except Java ) were demonstrated, many examples were shown. Presentation of the report , the video will appear soon (see links below). Links for jug.msk.ru :

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    On May 24-25, 2019, a conference for JavaScript developers HolyJS 2019 will be held in St. Petersburg , at which Oleg Shelaev will present a Node.js report : just as fast, higher, stronger with GraalVM .

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