TREASURES: when smart watches get weird

    We admit that we not only write on Habr, but also always read experts with pleasure. Inspired by one of the latest materials on "telephone construction ", we decided to offer a similar post, but about smart watches.

    Which are becoming strange before our eyes.

    Smart watches are a category where you can’t go wild in terms of design: having started their history back in the 70s, they have not undergone radical changes in the visual plan. Most often it is either a circle or a square.

    Regular watches have much more room for experimentation.

    For example, Hublot MP05 LaFerrari

    The form itself is not just not atypical for a watch, but generally does not hint at a watch in principle. Yes, it is trite, in order to consider time, you still will not immediately guess where to look. Cost on Chrono from 19 million rubles.

    Or, for example, Thunderbolt MB & F HM4 The

    dial of this model also has nothing to do with a classic watch. The cost is about 10 million rubles. On one of the sites they saw a 10% discount ... We must take it!

    A smartwatch in shape should still resemble a clock - because the display is not just for time, but for working with notifications and other functions of the smartphone. They can surprise with almost nothing, therefore, the main emphasis on functionality, accuracy of sensors, solution of problematic issues, for example, as in Matrix, have closed charging problems .

    But all this is almost 100% in the form of a square or circle.


    One way to be original is to “mix” the displays. It may remain round in shape, but in category it will be something like “2 in 1”. There were few of them: last year we wrote about MyKronoz - a hybrid watch with digital and analog displays.

    The concept of a similar device was introduced in the Span designer watch . True, exactly the opposite: the strip of the digital display here was placed on top of the analog dial.

    How to guess when it will be at fifteen to three is not clear. But in principle, arrows at other times will remain discernible. On the display, you can receive notifications of calls, SMS, etc. And still - in the form of a circle ...

    Following smartphones . “Multidisplay 2.0”

    Strictly speaking, a smartwatch is a small smartphone on your wrist, so it’s logical that nothing “smartphone” is alien to them. When the topic with two screens on smartphones was just beginning to be actively discussed, the first projects of smart watches with similar properties began to appear.

    Doppio watch

    One of the most cited fantasies on this subject. A clamshell watch, or a clock with two screens that opened according to the principle of a book, has not yet been released.

    How inconvenient it is in real life, one can only imagine ...

    Flexible displays

    Drawings and sketches, designs for watches, the bracelet of which was the display and simultaneously across the entire plane, have been walking around the network for a very, very long time. Although they are only in demand again now, after two well-known presentations from two well-known brands.

    For example, in 2013, the EmoPulse

    Campaign on IndieGogo, of course, was suddenly interrupted, and the site, of course, has not been opened for a long time. But - who remembers the old, that ... So we suggest looking at the freshest - Nubia Alpha.

    It has all the functions of a modern smart watch, a built-in heart rate monitor, and a camera. At the same time, if we mean by the shape of the clock - the form of the display, then really this model stands out from the rest: the display here is "sophisticated" and flexible.

    And yet, again and again, these are all classic regular forms. Because a flexible display could theoretically be like this:

    But - no. In general, when do smart watches get weird? - Right now! But still within strictly agreed frames.

    Straps are the first flexible displays.

    If smart straps went on the stream and sold at least some impressive volume, then, of course, you could go for a walk with the designs of the dials.

    At the same time, formally, we would have had a “smart watch with a flexible display” for several years. But no. Although the same Samsung, which Fold recently showed, two years earlier patented a flexible strap.

    They could have let it out. Nothing complicated, right?

    New data display

    One of the curious projects of wrist smart watches that have ever been announced, we always seemed Dot Watch. They did not change the form, did not change the content, but changed the display format - this is a smart watch with Braille for the blind and visually impaired.

    The display here is completely different from the usual displays. But this product is far from mass.

    In general, it turns out that if smartphones could also be released at least sometime in strange forms, then this does not work with smart watches: the maximum that you can count on (if someone needs it) for flexible displays in the near future and on a smart watch in the form of a book - in the distant future.

    Great weekend to everyone!

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