We invite you to the presentation of the training course on e-sports marketing on February 12

    On February 12, the educational portal GeekBrains will hold in our Moscow office an open presentation of a new course on training specialists in the field of marketing, producing games and event management in eSports. The leaders of the Russian eSports industry will talk about the latest trends in global eSports and how to find yourself in this area. A detailed program of performances under the cut.

    Most speakers are course instructors. The curriculum is based on the study of fresh and successful eSports cases from the practice of Mail.ru Group and other market participants. The course is suitable for specialists studying new approaches to the audience and interested in expanding their skills, as well as to all who want to be involved in the development of a promising industry.

    In the program of the presentation:

    - Industry, its development rates and forecast of expert

    Roman Dvoryankin, general manager of Virtus.Pro, CIS representative at the World eSports Association (WESA)

    - Motivation and experience of leading industry experts

    Ivan Voznyak, Head of e-sports department of Mail.ru Group and manager of projects of GeekBrains Vladimir Rajapov

    -Necessary qualities, industry values ​​and career prospects for a novice

    Nikita Bokarev, ex-head of the e-sports holding of Mail.ru Group eSports

    - Why is it profitable for brands to develop eSports, which is primary, a game or eSports, how to engage players in eSports?

    Ivan Pobyarzhin, Warface Producer

    - Who is a marketer in the realities of eSports, what he does and how much money can be earned

    Alexander Kolesnikov, Chief expert of eSports department at Affect agency

    You need to register to participate in the event .

    Classes start on February 19th. Get more information and register for the course here .

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