Glenmark compact nebulizer: a useful thing in everyday life

    The nebulizer is not a “super-mega-archi” gadget, not a unique phenomenon of our time, not an innovative discovery. This is a long and well-known means of drug delivery to "hard to reach" places, bronchi and lungs. Their task is to grind the drug so that the particles 100% reach the right place.

    In the middle of spring with changeable weather - this is still true.

    Judging by pharmacy kiosks, TV programs, and articles in the press, nebulizers have become quite a mass product, and now their appointment is not limited to patients with atsma, COPD and other chronic diseases. Now - this is a tool for the prevention and treatment of acute respiratory viral infections and other respiratory diseases, up to a common cold.

    And, although science is now consideringeven “inhaled chemotherapy” (judging by the teaser, which is not very successful), nevertheless, in the usual “non-clinical” world, nebulizers have become a kind of “cold remedy”.

    What can a nebulizer as a remedy for a runny nose:

    • Hydration of the mucosa
    • Softening the crusts in the nose
    • The elimination of burning, dryness
    • Liquefaction of mucus for a more comfortable removal of it from the body

    Plus, as noted in a number of articles: with a correctly selected inhalation solution, which is usually done by a doctor, nebulizer therapy has practically no side effects.

    Due to the peculiarities of conducting: in a comfortable environment at home, this therapy has become popular among young parents, as it is painless for the child, which from a psychological point of view is an unconditional pleasant bonus.
    The main competitive advantage is the uniform supply of the drug to all parts of the nasal cavity and its uniform distribution.
    Often you can come to the conclusion that some modern aerosol products, such as Aquamaris, are also something like a spray, but at the same time, say, they do not have the potential for prolonged exposure, which distinguishes them for the worse.

    Of course, in addition to the prevention and treatment of the common cold, nebulizers are also used for chronic diseases. Here are some of them:

    • Croup . A disease that can provoke swelling of the respiratory tract, which as a result can cause a “barking” cough, severe runny nose, and fever.
    • Cystic fibrosis . A genetic disease that causes thick mucus to build up in the airways makes breathing difficult.
    • Epiglottitis . A rare but rapidly progressing bacterial disease that can provoke pneumonia, severe airway edema.
    • Pneumonia

    Nothing foggy - everything is transparent: how the nebulizer works. The

    pun came from the very beginning: the word “nebulizer” comes from “fog”: as noted above, the device is based on the principle of “splitting” the drug into tiny particles, which, as a result, resemble something something like a haze.

    • Compressor nebulizers - break down the drug with a strong air stream.
    • Ultrasonic nebulizers - split the drug using ultrasonic waves.
    • Membrane, or Mesh - are considered the most advanced and modern. In fact, they are a "continuation" of ultrasound, but provide smaller particles, and also exclude excessive heating of the drug than previous ultrasonic nebulizers have sinned.

    It is important to remember that not a single nebulizer is intended for inhalation with essential oils, decoctions, infusions of medicinal herbs.
    Nebulizer vs Inhaler

    The edge is quite thin, and in the modern world, in fact, this is one and the same. For example, when they say "ultrasonic inhaler", then most likely they mean "ultrasonic nebulizer." In the classical sense, an inhaler is a device for “converting” liquids into steam, something like an “advanced” pan with a decoction that must be inhaled intensively.

    The nebulizer precisely sprays and breaks down and delivers the smallest particles of the drug into the respiratory tract.
    The advantage of a steam inhaler is that almost anything can be used as a medicine. The downside is that it is suitable only for the treatment of the upper respiratory tract: the medicine does not penetrate deeply.
    Glenmark Nebulizer

    This model stands out among others for several advantages.


    Point is quite important. Firstly, the compact size makes it easy to store the device in the house without highlighting a separate shelf under it. For children, when there is no need, it will be unavailable. Plus, small dimensions are an excellent solution for chronic patients who are forced to always carry the device with them everywhere.

    For business trips, a special dense cover is provided, inside of which everything is laid with foam rubber.


    The kit provides two nozzles of different sizes: this gadget can be used by both children and adults.

    In order for the child not to lose the device, you can, for example, provide a lace around the neck. Not very aesthetically pleasing, but always at hand: for this there is a special mount on the case.

    Two “power” modes

    At home, the nebulizer can be connected directly to the network: the kit has a special cord.

    Here, below, there is a compartment for two "finger" batteries, which makes this nebulizer truly mobile.

    No complicated settings and settings. The

    Nebulizer works very simply: just pour the solution into a special container:

    Then attach one of the complete nozzles.

    Then click on the button above:

    GIF 2 MB


    Nebulizer - a practical device that may well be in every home as a means of treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases.

    Despite all the idealization, it is better not to use it yourself and at your own discretion: the doctor prescribes the therapy after all, he also selects the drug for inhalation.

    Compact mesh nebulizers compare favorably with their bulky competitors: you can take them with you, which is especially important for people with chronic diseases. Plus, these nebulizers do not take up space at home.

    The nebulizer Glenmark is made for them by the medical company MicroBase, has all the necessary international and Russian certificates, is a medical device. It is distinguished by its compact size, universal capabilities in terms of connection, user-friendly design and good equipment.

    The cost of the Glenmark nebulizer is 3,750 rubles . It can be bought with a 10% discount with a GLEN10MARK coupon . Valid until the end of April.

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