Quester - Platform for creating and completing quests (Beta)

    Good day!

    The purpose of the article is to open to the public a platform that is developed in your free time and at the same time check how this platform will withstand the habra effect.


    1. Platform description
    2. What is available today
    3. Technical details (we are still on Habré, and we must know the honor)
    4. Links and processes for those who are willing to try
    5. Request for help of all comers

    So let's get started!


    Platform description

    We all love quests and all kinds of puzzles. At one point, I realized that I would like to have a simple opportunity to create quests for my friends (and not only) in honor of an event, well, or just like that, for the sake of laughter.

    Well, since I was lucky to be a developer, “I would like to have” must necessarily turn into “must be created”!

    From the point of view of the user, Quester consists of 2 parts:

    • Portal for creating and modifying quests
    • Application for the passage of previously created quests

    If the human language is the admin area for creators, an application for players.

    A moment that was critical and obligatory for me - anyone can create quests, just like going through.

    The quest itself is a set of actions that a player must perform. An action can be anything, starting from answering a question or checking at a specific point, and ending with more complex actions like "Take a picture of yourself with a can of Coca-Cola against the background of the forest "or" meet 10 players passing this quest ", Technically, any action is possible within the framework of this platform, the question is only in priorities and imagination.

    And of course we’re talking about a certain form of gamified product, respectively, at the end of the quest, the player should receive some kind of reward, whether it be game points inside the platform, a gift coupon or a real gift.

    And all this is fully customizable by the creator of the quest!

    What is available now

    The project is in beta version, so the functionality is not very extensive (but still worthy of mention on Habr, I don’t want to show you a landing here, but something working :))

    • Admin This is a web application where anyone can create and publish a quest. The set of possible actions is so far limited by answering a question (with the possibility of several answers), scanning a QR code and checking in at some specific point.
    • Application. Here you can go through quests created by you or any other users.
    • Admin and application integration. Created quests can be expanded in the form of a link or a QR code, which will be understandable and opened by the application

    Links will be given below, but already here I want to make a reservation - everything everything works on a staging environment, the production environment is not ready yet. Therefore, do not be surprised at the links that have staging in the title.

    Technical details


    Microservices, the only entry point from the outside - GraphQL endpoint, docker kubernetis node.js and a little Go, MongoDB as a base, everything is hi-fashion youth, ready for some kind of fashion conference.


    React, Apollo GraphQL client. Nothing particularly interesting, just a regular web application.


    React Native, respectively, is available on Android and iOS. The Apollo GraphQL client for working with data is also nothing particularly interesting and complicated.

    How to try

    If nothing opens

    Everything is unscrupulous on the Digital Ocean servers in the data center in London.
    I absolutely forgot about the locks in Russia, so most likely the IPs of my servers are still in the blocked lists.

    I apologize to everyone who has to deal with this and honestly sprinkle ash on my head - a very unexpected jamb on my part.

    At the moment I'm trying to find a solution (well, that is, to find a cloud that will definitely not be blocked in Russia, and most likely it will be a Yandex cloud. To be sure.)

    I repeat - the whole platform is in active development and is not yet ready to be called production-ready! Everything should work, but everything should also break shamelessly with pleasure. Please keep this in mind.

    So, user authorization only through Facebook. The reason is as simple as possible - ease of implementation. I do not collect any data about you except the email, name and profile picture. Read about GDPR and the ability to leave the platform below.

    Any comments, feedback and criticism are naturally welcomed, preferably by email at You can also write there and ask to delete all your data (GDPR compliant!)

    Request for help

    If you are interested in anything in this platform, whether it is development, or a business part, or something else - write to me at! I will be happy to tell you more about the project, plans and everything else. At this point in time, the project is being developed by me for my own pleasure, but there are a lot of interesting and varied plans.

    Thank you for your attention,

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