Firmware ZXHN H118N from without soldering and programmer


I got it out of the dusty closet. I really needed the ZXHN H118N from

The problem is in its short firmware, which is tied to the provider (ErTelecom), where you can enter only the PPPOE username and password for connecting to the Internet.

This functionality is enough for a housewife, but not for me.

Therefore, we will reflash this router!

The first difficulty is that you can’t reflash it either. took care of this thoroughly. It is only possible on firmware But here in the old firmware, to which you can roll back (downgrade), it is possible to fill in the original version of the ZTE firmware.

1. Enter in the address bar, then click any character - it will show the factory webcam.

2. Go to the “Management” page

3. “Firmware Upgrade” tab

4. First, flashing the firmware from DOMRU - DOMRU__ZXHN + H118NV2.0.1d_E04_OV.img (Old firmware for with the option to upgrade).

5. After the firmware, the router receives IP - But through the WEB does not allow to enter the face. It is possible only through TELNET - User: root Pass: root (who cares).

6. Pressing the button resets, translate it into default state.

6.1. Perhaps the router will change the address to, and also in the settings of your device connected to the router you need to manually enter the
IP details
Without this, I was redirected to to page 404

7. There is access to WEB with user: admin pass: admin

8. Then from point 4. Only flash the original firmware taken from the archive - ZXHN + H118NV2.0.1d_E04_OV.img

9. access to WEB with user: admin pass: admin

PS В The Internet is full of forums filled with similar topics, and an overabundance of methods and information. This is a specific method that helped me, I hope it will help you.

Update On new versions of Hardware Version V2.3 covered this loophole. Valid only on older versions.

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