Speakers Top 3D Expo 2019: Yousef Hesuani from 3dbio - 3D printing of organs and tissues

    In anticipation of the upcoming Top 3D Expo exhibition and conference , which will be held April 19-20 in Technopolis Moscow, we talk about the participants in the conference.

    From the company 3D Bioprinting Solutions , a Skolkovo resident , the co-founder and managing partner Yousef Hesuani will speak.

    Yousef Dzhorzhevich Hesuani

    Yousef Hesuani graduated from the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine of Moscow State University with a degree in General Medicine and studied at the Higher School of Economics under the Executive MBA program, took part in research and publications in biology, from 2004 to 2007 he worked in the Department of Forecasting the Effectiveness of Conservative Treatment at the Institute of Oncology named after P.A. Herzen.

    Since 2008, he has been cooperating with the diagnostic company INVITRO, the largest private medical company in Russia, and in 2014, together with partners, opened a franchise office under the Invitro.Expert program, and then founded a company developing methods for interpreting the results of genetic studies.


    Yousef Hesuani will make a presentation on the topic “3D Bioprinting: Past, Present, Future”, talk about the development of bioprinting in the world - its appearance, current state of affairs and prospects, as well as demonstrate the Organ.Aut magnetic bioprinter, a copy which is now installed on the ISS international space station, and will describe its principle of operation.

    about the project

    The bioprinter was delivered to the ISS on Soyuz MS-11 on December 3, 2018.

    For medicine

    On this printer, the astronaut Oleg Kononenko conducted experiments on growing human cartilage tissue and the mouse thyroid gland, which brings medicine closer to printing tissues and organs for transplantation. Bio-printing in zero gravity avoids the restrictions imposed by gravity and breaks in new 3D printing technologies with biomaterial.

    Twelve samples have been delivered to Earth and are being studied at 3D Bioprinting Solutions.

    In August 2019, it is planned to send synthetic ceramic materials to the space station, which can be used in 3D printing to accelerate bone tissue regeneration.

    For the food industry

    In addition to medical and research value, bioprinting has a larger domestic application, the development of which 3D Bioprinting Solutions partners are currently working on - three American and one Israeli startup. They are developing meat cultivation technology for the food industry, which in the future will allow the production of cheap and ethical meat food products. Two of them work with beef cages, the other two work with cages of fish, bluefin tuna and salmon.

    3D Bioprinting Solutions conducts tests of the submitted material in order to select those samples with which the printer already in orbit can work. Selected cells will be packed in special cuvettes and sent to the ISS.

    About the printer

    Magnetic bioprinter Organ.Avt designed to work in zero gravity. The key difference between its operating principle and ground-based counterparts is that objects are not formed linearly, from top to bottom, but simultaneously from all sides. Guided by magnetic fields, printing material, such as cells in a nutrient solution, “sculpts” a given model in itself in zero gravity.

    3D Bioprinting Solutions also produces bioprinters for working in terrestrial conditions, now the company has two models in its arsenal - FABION and FABION 2.

    FABION 2 is a newer and better model of 3D bioprinter, it can print using bio ink and hydrogels of various compositions and consistencies.

    A competitive advantage of this mechanism is the high density of cells, as well as a high level of synthesis of extracellular matrix proteins inside spheroids, which ensures high viability of the resulting tissue engineering constructs.

    About Skolkovo

    Yousef Hesuani:
    “Our company is a resident of the Skolkovo biomedical cluster, and we received grant support for the development of a bioprinter, about 24 million rubles. These funds served as a significant contribution to the development of the bioprinter Organ.Avt "

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