Unreleased game for NES discovered after 30 years

    The video game industry has been around for several decades. The history of games has many pages that are not too famous even for those of us who are passionate about games and everything related to them. Well, there are episodes that become known only after many years.

    This happened with one of the games for NES. The game, which is a wrestling simulator, was released only as a prototype . It has never been published. A game surfaced just a few days ago. As it turned out, it was made in 1989 by the Japanese developer Thinking Rabbit (author of Sokoban), and the Japanese company Seta was to become the publisher.

    As for wrestling, in this case we are talking about UWC (Universal Wrestling Corporation), which later grew up in the World Championship Wrestling (WCW). The game added digital doubles of real fighters, Ric Flair, Road Warriors and Sting. Accordingly, the game was to receive permission to use from UWC and appear on store shelves.

    But that never happened. Perhaps because in 1990 another wrestling game was released, already licensed by WCW. It was a creation of a completely different developer and, accordingly, the game was different. There was no point in releasing another wrestling, so, probably, they decided to abandon the creation of Thinking Rabbit.

    At the same time, nothing was reported about the UWC - no one knew anything about it at all. Now the prototype was excavated by collector Stefan Reese.

    According to him, the cartridge was received from a former employee of the American division of Nintendo. This person kept the game all these years, since he was responsible for the prototype test and the preparation of a review for the company’s management. Plus, this person is a wrestling fan, so it was up to him to test the game.

    Reese did not hide the cartridge in his bins, but shared the game with the Video Game History Foundation. Representatives of the latter recently dumped and posted a video of the full passage, with a demonstration of the data of the developers.

    It is not yet clear whether the game will be made publicly available, but at least you can already look at what it was. Well, since the copy is only one in the whole world, then without a doubt, this is one of the rarest games. Its market price is not reported.

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