Javathon to Student Day

    On January 26-27, a hackathon will be held in Moscow for students with knowledge of Java with a prize fund of 275 000 rub. Javist of any level can take part!

    We do not limit the hackathon theme - you can take an idea from any area (it may not be related to finance) and develop an application that will benefit people.

    You can win:

    1st place - 150 000 rub.
    2nd place - 75 000 rub.
    3rd place - 50 000 rub.

    Hackathon experts:

    • Executive Vice President, Head of Technology, David Rafalovsky
    • Managing Director, Head of Sberbank's Department for Attracting and Selecting Talents Ksenia Martynova

    Date and time : January 26, 15:00 to January 27, 16:30.
    Location : Moscow, Agile Home Sberbank, Kutuzovsky 32k1, conference room, 2nd floor.

    Applications are accepted until January 25 inclusive.

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