Choosing a Gift for a Geek Girl

    International Women's Day is an ambiguous holiday. Historically, this is a day of solidarity, the struggle for equal rights and emancipation. In practice, he degenerated into a parade of stereotypes about the best female qualities and in the sale of chocolate with flowers. The same February socks with deodorant, side view. We tell you how to really please your loved ones (spoiler: mostly gadgets).

    Electric toothbrush Foreo ISSA mini 2

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    practical gift for March 8 is either a great idea or tactless. To understand what the case is, it’s enough to imagine that you are giving a gift to a friend on February 23rd. The captain confirms the evidence: according to this criterion, it is easy to sweep away the pan and the set of napkins for cleaning the shelves. But the Foreo ISSA mini 2 electric toothbrush is perfect.

    ISSA mini 2 is a sonic brush that cleans teeth through vibration of the bristles. The speed is 9000 movements per minute, which is much more than a person does in a few weeks using a regular brush. A serious advantage over other electric brushes is the long battery life: 8 months on a single charge, and the batteries are charged in an hour. A replaceable head made of non-porous silicone and BPT polymer will last six months. The brush does not overgrow colonies of bacteria and does not injure the gums. By size ISSA mini 2 is suitable for users from 5 years and older.

    To prevent the user from relaxing, ISSA mini 2 resembles brushing your teeth. To do this, there are two LED emoticons on the brush handle. If you don’t touch the gadget for more than 12 hours, a sad emoticon lights up. After a proper two-minute cleaning, the second, joyful one is turned on. Children like this function, and adults give a reason to smile.

    Smart Bellabeat Spring Water Bottle

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    Our bodies are 60% water. For the best health conditions, its supplies should be regularly replenished, which many are reluctant to do. A smart bottle of Bellabeat Spring helps to instill a healthy habit of drinking water and, over time, makes people who have had difficulty drinking a couple of glasses drink the norm.

    The Spring Bottle is for women only. The flask is made of durable borosilicate glass, and the neck, lid and base are made of food-grade plastic. To prevent the gadget from slipping out of its hands, a convenient silicone cuff is provided for it. All parts of the bottle, except the base, can be washed in a dishwasher. The bottle sensors work for six months on a single battery and automatically count every sip. The gadget transfers the collected information to the Bellabeat mobile application and stores information about the drinking water for up to seven days, so it does not need to be synchronized every five minutes.

    The application calculates the ideal consumption based on the age, height, weight and activity of the woman. The algorithm additionally takes into account pregnancy and breastfeeding - the time when more water is needed. The application gently encourages the user to slowly increase water consumption and confidently go to the goal for several weeks.

    In addition, Spring looks beautiful. This is not a disposable sports bottle, but a worthy device that you want to use every day.

    XD Design Bobby Elle

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    We have repeatedly talked about XD Design Bobby backpacks with pickpockets. These were backpacks in sports, men's and unisex styles, and now a truly feminine version has appeared: Bobby Elle.

    Elle is protected from attacks by intruders in the same way as the other backpacks in the series. A zipper passes along the edge of his back, which is completely covered by a thick fold of fabric. As a result, you cannot unfasten your backpack unnoticed. To cut with a knife or to pierce also does not work, because Elle is sewn from several layers of durable materials. There are no easily accessible pockets, so from the point of view of a pickpocket, a backpack is an impregnable “fortress” (only a moat is not enough).

    The volume of the backpack is 6.5 liters, but due to the good internal organization it fits a lot of things. It has a reinforced compartment for a tablet with a diagonal of 9.7 inches, many internal pockets for small items and two external hidden pockets. Eco-leather is a water-repellent material and is cleaned with a sponge, so that Elle will retain its beauty for a long time.

    Smart scales Picooc Mini

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    ’ll immediately deal with the elephant in the room: a woman may not be happy with the first weights we get. Therefore, we offer to give her a smart Picooc Mini scale. Instead of silently reproaching with a large number, this device helps to lose excess fat, gain muscle mass and maintain weight in a healthy range.

    Scales are easy to use. During each weighing, the Picooc Mini passes an imperceptible electric current through the feet and, using sensors, measures the result of its passage. This is called bioimpedanceometry - an analysis of body composition by the electrical resistance of tissues. The data is sent to the Picooc application, where it is converted to 12 different statistics, including the percentage of fat, muscle and water, as well as the visceral fat index and the percentage of skeletal muscle.

    To deal with this information, you do not need to call a specialist. The application itself analyzes trends and changes in the body, and gives specific advice on what to do next. For example, it understands well that a festive feast has recently taken place, and advises to reduce the consumption of junk food and walk more often. The app also instantly responds to starvation diets and urges you to stop harassing yourself. It gives recommendations right away - which is why it is valuable.

    The Picooc Mini scales are connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and are powered by three “little” batteries (they are included). The platform is made of tempered glass, the body is plastic. These scales must be placed on a flat, hard floor, they are very stable and do not jump. The width of the platform is great for women's feet. If you would like to purchase a larger scale - pay attention to other models (especially S3). The HABR8 promotional discount is valid for all Picooc scales.

    Table garden farm Vegebox T-Box

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    compact hydroponics Vegebox T-Box is a good gift for home gardening enthusiasts. Especially unsuccessful, who always complain about dead flowers. The fact is that hydroponics takes care of itself. It automatically turns on the phytolamp, and it is not necessary to water every day while there is water in the tank. The kit includes mesh baskets, sponges for germination and detailed step-by-step instructions with illustrations. To do something wrong will not work, even if you try.

    Edible plants grow quickly in the appliance, especially greens and salads. You can plant tomatoes, strawberries or ornamental plants. In total, nine seats are provided. Enough to grow your own salad, or experiment with herbs and exotic crops.

    Genotek Diet & Fitness DNA Test

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    If you are looking for a gift for a fitness fan, then check out the fitness tracker: most likely, she already has a couple of such devices. But the DNA test Genotek "Diet and Fitness" is definitely not superfluous. It will allow you to perfectly adjust the diet and training regimen to the genetic characteristics of the body, or correct existing plans.

    The kit with the DNA test "Diet and Fitness" includes instructions, a test tube and a funnel for collecting biomaterial - saliva. Before the test, you should not drink, eat or rinse your mouth for half an hour. The amount of saliva needed indicates risk in vitro.

    The courier takes the test tube to the laboratory. Test results are available in your account on the Genotek laboratory website.

    Pacsafe Stylesafe Backpack

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    Pacsafe has been manufacturing backpacks and bags for travelers with sophisticated pickpockets for twenty years. The Pacsafe Stylesafe Backpack is a minimalist model for women that is equally well suited for commuting to European travel capitals, where petty thieves are traditionally active. They can't handle the Pacsafe backpack.

    The main protection of Stylesafe lies in the design of the backpack. The lightning of the main compartment is located on the back and under the straps, that is, it is impossible to get to it from the outside. In cases where the backpack is not protected by the back of the owner, the zipper slider is fixed in place by a small lock. Cutting does not work either, as a strong steel mesh is sewn into the backpack. The straps are reinforced with a steel cable and are also not cut. On the right shoulder strap there is another lock to rivet the backpack to the fence or leg of furniture - so it will not be carried away unnoticed.

    The backpack is made of dense, well-kept polyester fabric. Its volume is 12 liters, and it fits an 11-inch laptop. The space inside is well organized and divided into pockets for small things, so a lot of things fit in a backpack.

    HABR8 promotional code is valid until March 15th. You will find these and other gift ideas in a special section of our online store. Buy gadgets, don't ruin tulips!

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