The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week No. 348 (January 14 - 20, 2019)

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    podcastWeb Standards podcast, Issue # 157: JavaScript in universities, JS ten years ago, browsers and text in VR / AR, HTML modules in JS.
    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 87 - Mikhail Troshev on how to effectively manage a distributed team in Yandex
    podcastCSSSR podcast: News 512 - Issue No. 34 (Jan 14 - Jan 20 )
    podcastDev Shakhta # 66: Platform Commands
    videoALL YOUR HTML »# S2e5: “ Pasta Monster of Stripes and Shaders ”
    Video from Odessa Frontend MeetUps # 7-9

    Web development

    habrElectron: developing desktop applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    habr12 strange things that can happen after installing the npm package
    enTypes of inputs in HTML5: what is now with them?
    enNew to JAMstack? Everything you need to know to get started with it
    enWeb standards: what, why, and how
    enIt’s better to see once than hear a hundred times, faces and barcodes - Shape Detection API
    enWhy GraphQL benefits from traditional APIs
    GraphQL: Beginner's Guide


    habrHow CSS specificity works in a browser
    videoCreating a WEB component to control the audio channel | Non-standard approach to the use of CSS Grid
    Animation CSS Grid Layout, what do we have?
    Same story, only with CSS
    enHow well do you know CSS Layout?
    enUsing a pseudo-class: lang with a lang attribute selector for language styles
    en2019 CSS Wish List by Chris Coyier
    enIn defense of Utility-First CSS
    enA complete guide to SCSS / SASS .


    • We habrtransfer 30,000 lines of code from Flow to TypeScript
    enLearn Vanilla JS - a detailed plan for learning vanilla JS, along with training resources and design ideas to help you get started.
    enURL animation with Javascript and Emojis
    enHow to remove unused code using DevTools
    enVue vs React: choosing the best tool for your project in 2019
    enHow to remove duplicate arrays in ES6
    enWhy I stopped exporting default values ​​from my JavaScript modules
    enDoes the method mutate data


    Mozilla minimizes the Test Pilot program and Firefox Screenshots service
    Firefox 67 will start using separate profiles for different installations
    In Firefox 69, it is planned to disable Flash support by default
    enFirefox Retrospective DevTools WebConsole 2018
    enAugmented Reality and Browser - Experimental Application


    Hello world! Or English-language Habr, v1.0 collected $ 2.4 million from Google and partners to create the Newspack news publishing platform
    • Big Data History (Big Data) part 1 , Part 2
    Microsoft: Cortana voice assistant will no longer compete with Alexa and Google Assistant
    Opinion: why 10 year challenge is the perfect flash mob for learning AI
    How India came to become Google CEO: the story of Sundar Pichai
    Microsoft will bid farewell to Windows 10 Mobile at the end of this year
    A dump containing 773 million email addresses and 21 million unique passwords

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