Professional deformation admin

    I have developed a critical view from the side of this necessary and important profession, which has a spectrum from a simple “enikeyschik” to a formidable admin who locks accounts to negligent employees, and to whom the petitioners humbly go all the way.

    A characteristic part of this profession in almost all offices, in my opinion, is that if you give each, the bed will fall apart . So when I, working in America, had to find an admin for some business, I instantly recognized him - he was not friendly , like most of my colleagues.

    This guy, as a result, turned out to be great and we laughed merrily with him: the company where I was a contractor demanded to pass an uh ... urine test for drugs. They had such a rule for all contractors. I passed the test, but the next day I found my account locked. Honestly, I already began to collect things (I do not use drugs, but I firmly believe in system failures, when you can not prove that you are not a camel). As it turned out, that same admin just set up my remote access and changed the password.

    During my career, I became acquainted with many administrators, and they all created a psychological wall in front of them so that weak spirit petitioners could not pierce it and preferably did not approach them at all. I have a lot of mirror neurons in my brain, and I can look at the situation from their side. Perhaps this is a forced defense.

    Here is a list of observations about admins.

    1. It is useless for the admin to write an email asking him to do something if he is physically nearby. He is not a slave to read emails and perform them. You have to tear your ass from the chair and go to it. Personally. Because otherwise - you ask, but ask without respect, see the picture number 1

    2. If tasks A, B, C are dumped to you, then most likely you will line them up in order of importance and begin to perform. Admin does wrong. If the user has asked for something, then he is very likely to get tired of waiting and he will still go to Google and do it himself. That is, tasks tend to dissolve on their own. So, if not reminded - it is not so important. Therefore, it is necessary to remind (see p. 1, personal visit and only this way!)

    3. If you came to the admin and you liked the service, then you will come to him again and again. And he is interested in just the opposite. Therefore, its task is to make it so that at one thought, a cold shiver creeps over you. And not only - I personally saw how the admin sobbed girls who did not understand something. That is, the atmosphere should be something like this:

    As in the passport office in 90/2000. (By the way, I haven’t been a long time ago - how is it now?). Where are you going? Bald man, you are behind that full woman. What are you slipping me here? With the sample correctly not to write off? Everything is written there on the stand, I am not going to explain anything ...

    4. If you meet the administrator outside of the working environment, he may turn out to be quite a nice person when he turns off his protective screen.

    However, maybe I'm wrong and you know people who have not fallen victims of such a professional deformation?

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