Stratasys 3D Printer Review at Formnext 2018

    The company Stratasys showcased additive technologies Formnext 2018 line of 3D-to-date equipment of its own design - the addition of the machine, working on technology PolyJet , and FDM-F series printers and Fortus .


    Layered powder metallurgy

    During the exhibition, the company also announced a completely new additive technology, Layered Powder Metallurgy - “layer-by-layer powder metallurgy”, which, according to Stratasys representatives, will revolutionize 3D printing with metals - LPM is designed to become the most economical and fastest direction in additive metallurgy.


    The line of Stratasys devices using PolyJet technology today includes one and a half dozen 3D printers for professionals working in the field of prototyping, design, dentistry.

    The flagships in this area are J735 and 750 full-color printers. These devices can work simultaneously with five different consumables.

    Stratasys j750

    • Software: PolyJet Studio 3D Printing Software
    • Country of Origin: USA
    • Model Support Material: SUP705
    • Working chamber: 490 x 390 x 200 mm
    • Print Modes:
    • High speed: 3 materials, 27 microns resolution
    • High quality: 6 materials, 14 microns resolution
    • Mix: 6 materials, 27 microns resolution
    • Specialization: Prototyping; Education; Production
    • Printing Technology: Polyjet
    • Layer thickness: from 14 microns
    • Supported Materials: VeroBlack, VeroBlackPlus RGD875, VeroBlue RGD840, VeroCyan, VeroMagenta, VeroWhite, VeroWhitePlus RGD835 1 L, VeroYellow, TangoBlack FLX973, TangoBlackPlus FLX980 FLX980 FLX980 FLX980 FLX980 FLX980 FLX980 FLX980
    • Resolution in X and Y axes (μm): 600 DPI
    • Resolution in Z axes (μm): 1800 DPI
    • Compatible operating systems: Windows 7 and 8.1 64 bit
    • Price: on request .

    The user of the J-series 3D printers gets access to half a million combinations of colors, textures, gradients, as well as various degrees of transparency and hardness.

    PolyJet technology-based Stratasys devices are now heavily used by major players in the automotive, fashion, well-known advertising agencies and design bureaus.


    The founders of Stratasys were at the forefront of fused deposition technology. Its industrial FDM printers are rightfully considered one of the best solutions on the 3D printing market.

    The F123 line includes three devices. The basic model of the series is the F170 FDM printer. These easy-to-use and maintain machines are equipped with an auto-calibration system and quick consumables replacement. Ready to work with ABS, PLA, polyurethane.

    Stratasys F170

    • Country of Origin: USA
    • Printing Technology: FDM
    • Area of ​​construction, mm: 254х254х254 mm.
    • Supported Materials: ABS, PLA, ASA
    • Printing color: 10 colors, depending on the material used
    • Price: on request .

    The leader in the Stratasys line of FDM printers is the F900 . The company's specialists recommend this device for mechanical engineering and heavy industry. The working volume of the F900 is 900 x 600 x 900 millimeters. The printer supports working with ABS, polycarbonate, nylon and refractory plastics.

    The Fortus 380MC Carbon Fiber FDM Printer is a specialized solution for tasks requiring extra strong objects. The main consumable is Stratasys carbon-filled nylon.


    At Formnext, the company also introduced new photopolymers and plastics - the refractory Antero 800NA for the aerospace industry, the biocompatible MED625FLX , the white Agilus 30 photopolymer , which simulates leather products and has unique properties, the TPU 92A elastomer for printing on Stratasys FDM printers.

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