Programming experience on Unix *

Programming refers to the actual C programming process for small microcontrollers, as well as tracing printed circuit boards, drawing models in Solid, editing Office docks, reading the Internet, and writing this note.

This is the UNIX FIT MX-450V device, or briefly - UNIX, where the programming process is carried out.

In general, all together this is the 1001st presentation on the topic “about the correct workplace of a programmer”. All components of the device are repeatedly described in the literature, no revolutionary accomplishments are proposed, but on the whole, the successful experience of installation and use is given. The device is a classic - lifting table and under it a treadmill. Photos - partly from the network, partly from my work den, I apologize in advance for the low quality - conditions of total clutter + poor lighting + I, alas, not a photographer at all. Under the cut - a lot of details, including the vivisection of innocent pieces of iron with elements of a collective farm.


With age, I learned a lot of bad words: hemorrhoids, prostate adenoma, osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine, angina pectoris, arrhythmia, and just insomnia. This does not mean that it was possible to fully experience all their charms, and I do not have convincing scientific facts confirming their indispensable appearance from a sedentary lifestyle. However, vague subjective feelings are sometimes motivated more strongly than reinforced concrete logical arguments. The time has come when it's time to do something about it.

However, for strong and strong-willed men who are ready to jump up and do industrial gymnastics every 45 minutes, as well as to go to the gym three times a week, everything I wrote further on is probably not so relevant.

Source selection

Starting to choose a treadmill, I was faced with the fact that for the untrained user they are all the same and how to choose them is incomprehensible. Upon closer acquaintance with the sales, it turned out that they were also completely unaware of what they were selling, and after they learned that my weight was not more than 100 kg, and that it was an electrical rather than a mechanical path, (that’s what all their classification signs end) so immediately wither and go to the classic - take what you like.

I liked UNIX for the following reasons:

  1. Minimum initial speed = 0.8 km / h. This is important, since I program not so fast anymore, and most of the programming takes place at a speed of up to 1 km / h. Not all tracks are so slow.
  2. UNIX has an electrical tilt angle. I do not often use it yet, but the idea to climb somewhere under the table and adjust something manually during the programming process seems to me to completely exclude the general theme of changing the slope.
  3. The construction of UNIX is easily disassembled - this is very important, since it is inevitable that it will be necessary to lay hands on it, and it is very pleasing that everything costs by torsion of nails, without the use of a grinder and a welder.
  4. Wonderful handle aft for lifting the device in a vertical position. For it is also very convenient to carry UNIX when vacuuming under it. A trifle, but very pleasant.
  5. Title. I admit honestly, the emotional component in the choice was also present.

With a table is easier.

The simplest query “power table” rolls out wonderful offices, one of which was taken by “Ergostol Duo”, controlled by three buttons: “up”, “down”, and “please allow me to move this table right now” (round).

In order not to pull - this is the overall layout during the initial testing.

Obviously, there is very little space involved. On the left - bookcases, on the right - a table with a soldering iron, a file, an oscilloscope and accompanying rubbish. (For some reason, it’s impossible to work there at UNIX.)

Installation and configuration

The installation of UNIX begins with breaking off his horns, with them he will not climb under the table. Fortunately, they are fixed on bolts, to which, having removed the side plastic covers, it is easy to reach.

Tearing off the horns, it is important not to break the wired connections with the console, they need to be gently released from the plastic "ties" and get to the connector, which, although it is sealed with hot melt adhesive, but easily separates.

From the severed top you need to pick out a beautiful console (mounted on 4 self-tapping screws), break off two good speakers, but you have to throw out the rest of the iron, I did not find the right application.

Here is the remote, it will come in handy later.

Despite the elegant design, there are not many reasons for joy: the display is weak-sighted, and, unfortunately, the buttons are the most economical class, just a carelessly pasted sticker with membrane bulges, to press so-so. But the two main ones are large and highlighted in green and red, which is nice. In theory, there is still a whole set of all sorts of goodies, such as a training program and a music player, but in real life, for programming, this is all redundant, the music on the workcomputer is much more convenient.

On the back of the console you can see all these intestines, which you don’t need to look at, but it’s better to cover up with a piece of plastic / wood, the benefit of the four stands for self-tapping screws is provided with ease.

The next Stalinist strike is how to place this control panel correctly. There were several attempts to attach it somehow, but it turned out that he didn’t have a place on the table - it’s not a matter of shining a blue screen directly into the eyes of a programmer, and so the displays are trying. It is inconvenient to drive it under the table, because the cheap screen is visible only from a certain angle of view, that is, under the table the numbers are not read at all. The correct solution was found - to the left of the programmer, a screen to the sky, simply as an extension of the table surface. It does not shine in the eyes, and when you want to talk with him about something, there are no problems, all the dials are very noticeable, and the buttons are at hand. Yes, I needed a bracket in the form of a piece of a rectangular duralumin tube, but I think it will do and anything, for example, a vulgar piece of wooden plank.

I didn’t bother with the sensor that provides the intimate connection between the programmer and the console, just stuck it on a double-sided tape on the face of the console, it looks aesthetically and science-intensive, does not interfere, and at my programming speeds - from 0.8 to 2 km / hour, the feature It seems optional at all. However, everything is individual, if one of the novice coders feels insecure in this style of programming, then it is better to attach it to some clothes. He is unlikely to save him from a possible fall, but he is more likely to protect him from the over-expenditure of electricity spent on rotating the tape under a fallen and unconscious programmer. That undoubtedly comforts.

During initial testing, it was found that the height of the Ergostol table top is regulated only from 66 to 120 cm, which of course turned out to be small, since we don’t forget, programming is done not on the floor, but on UNIX, whose surface height is about 15 cm from the floor. The higher the table at once art of IT is almost twice as expensive, that will not do. What to do? We use environmentally friendly technology - beautiful glued bars, section of 15 x 15 cm, planted under the legs of Ergostola!

Everything costs exactly, does not swing, and height, at last, is quite comfortable for work both sitting and standing.
Yes, sitting is also possible and necessary! I know of attempts to introduce this “running” technology into programming, which ended in failure precisely because each change of the “got-up” status was accompanied by dragging the treadmill to the other end of the room. Of course, there was not enough enthusiasm for a long time. So by applying one place to another, it turned out that the protective boxes along the edges of the tape perfectly coincide with the distance between the legs of a regular office chair such as Bureaucrat.

Proper installation of the Bureaucrat on UNIX should be accompanied by some additional utilities that prevent the spontaneous deinstallation of the Bureaucrat at the most crucial moment. As such, two white plastic plates of PVC were used, stupidly glued to the side panels on a double-sided adhesive tape. (Any kind of sheet material will suit you at all, but it is precisely PVC sheet 5 mm that came to my hands.)
Now, the Bureaucrat's legs do not slide off, and when you need to put one on the other, you also don’t have to take aim, steering. The procedure "sat down" simplified to a minimum:

  • zhmak button on the remote, UNIX stopped;
  • Zhmak-Zhmak two buttons on the table remote, the table went down;
  • with one hand, grab the Bureaucrat and put him on UNIX.


The procedure “got up” - we perform the stack in the reverse order, starting with putting the Bureaucrat under the next table.

Voila, programming filed.

Once again, I apologize for the quality of the image, but this is a reality, that is, despite the extremely constrained conditions of the working mess, the technology has taken root and is functioning very successfully.

Featured Features

UNIX is quite quiet and tactful. That is, in the process of programming, he does not make any loud sounds that are distracting or annoying. Slightly audible content rumbling on the contrary creates a peaceful and positive attitude.

UNIX is jealous. That is, if it functions, and I flippantly moved aside and did something, he begins to groan with displeasure, creak and show displeasure in general. He disciplines: if you want to go the distance, stop the path and then go about your business.

UNIX is traditional. At least, our well-known thesis “if you don’t get it, it won’t go” is fully justified. Two bottles with silicone oil are included in the package of delivery, well, you should not skimp (according to the instructions - drip from time to time), and you should pour oil from the very beginning and with a reserve! Somewhere at the end of the first bottle the maslozhor ended, dissatisfied grunting and squeaks stopped, so the design entered the mode. Well and it is necessary to tighten a tape, approximately in half a year that went exactly and did not sag.

UNIX must spin in order to program it. Programming on a stationary UNIX doesn’t help at all, but on the contrary only worsens, legs start to ache and the mood drops.


Unexpectedly positive. That is, it really turns out to walk for 3-4 hours in a row, completely unaware of fatigue, I did not expect this from myself. The second revelation - before buying, looking online at the pictures of these funny lifting tables, I didn’t assume any stability behind them, and I was preparing to “nail” the table to the wall in a raised position so that the screen would not shake when typing and moving the mouse. It is amazing what was not needed, why - so far I did not understand, whether the total mass of the structure is enough, or leaning the upper half of the body on the table creates a subjectively comfortable perception of the oscillating monitor, since it oscillates with my entire carcass, I do not know. But with glasses and without glasses the process is quite comfortable. Most of all, I was afraid that with such a “vertical programming” tracing of printed circuit boards would not work, as the process is strongly tied to the exact movements of the mouse. But no, everything worked perfectly, that is, we managed to go into a trance normally, the mouse moved clearly, did not distract, moreover, an unexpected bonus appeared - rhythmic movements of the legs through the music (well, manual tracing is always to the music) in their own way contribute to the creative process and as if "pushing" him. Of course, all this is a subjectivity, there are not enough statistics for any definite conclusions. However, the theses “dance programming” or “creative march of unixoids” still need to be understood, perhaps this is something. moreover, an unexpected bonus appeared - the rhythmic movement of the legs through the music (well, the manual tracing is always accompanied by the music) in its own way contributes to the creative process and as if “pushes” it. Of course, all this is a subjectivity, there are not enough statistics for any definite conclusions. However, the theses “dance programming” or “creative march of unixoids” still need to be understood, perhaps this is something. moreover, an unexpected bonus appeared - the rhythmic movement of the legs through the music (well, the manual tracing is always accompanied by the music) in its own way contributes to the creative process and as if “pushes” it. Of course, all this is a subjectivity, there are not enough statistics for any definite conclusions. However, the theses “dance programming” or “creative march of unixoids” still need to be understood, perhaps this is something.

The main programming mode turned out to be just walking, it does not work too fast yet. That is quite real for 3–4 hours “to go on a walk”, completely ignoring the time and what is happening under your feet. Then - a meeting, but not for a long time, even taking into account the extra pillow, the Bureaucrat is still not the most comfortable programming environment, the loins numb, and in general sitting there is a desire to sleep. Approximately 20-30 minutes, and that's it, the relaxation is over, you can again continue the dance of dashing coders for several hours, in general, fatigue from walking is almost not felt.

Of course, the mass of positive changes in well-being - all subjective diagnoses have subsided noticeably, and some even hid in general. There is no negative yet, but it is expected, since the resource of the UNIX work tape is incomprehensible and what to do when it finally ends. I also cautiously look out for the long-term consequences for my absolutely unsportsmanlike carcass from the walking image of programming, while there seems to be no such thing either, but we continue the observations. The time of testing at this point is 1 year, while the flight is normal.

Plans hulk

In the coming year, I would like to improve the universe in the following direction:

  • cut down the simplest automatics so that the table rises and falls to a fixed level by briefly pressing one button (and not two by one),
  • somehow normalize the hanging creepers of the wires, probably attach some beautiful boxes and remove everything there, although in general everything works and so doesn’t touch anything when going up and down;
  • to deal in detail with the oblique programming modes, that is, to investigate how the process proceeds at different tilt angles of UNIX.

Well, it would be nice to learn about similar experiences and accomplishments, if someone shares them.

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