Motorola plans to introduce incarnation of Razr v3


    Motorola's most popular phone, the Razr v3 , was first introduced in 2004. This is a true technological miracle of the time - a combination of the latest technology and cool design. The phone quickly became one of the most popular devices on the market, despite the relatively high price of $ 500.

    Successful collaboration with Apple (namely, integration with iTunes) made the gadget even more popular. In just four years, Razr sold around the world, it sold more than 130 million devices. Even now these are impressive numbers, and then, 14 years ago, this was something out of the ordinary. Fans of Razr are there now, and they have reason to be happy. According to rumors, the company plans to present an incarnation of the device.

    This will happen (if it happens) this year, but the new version of Razr will not be a product for everyone. Unfortunately, its price will be about $ 1500. Now Lenovo (the owner of the Motorola brand) is in talks with Verizon regarding a deal that will help return the Razr to the US. It is planned to release no more than 200,000 devices. It is decided to make the form factor old - a cot. But the display will be foldable, so the phone will be a technological innovation.

    In 2012, Motorola tried to introduce a new version of the Razr, but it wasn’t

    So far it is not entirely clear how popular the phone will be, even considering its almost iconic significance for many. Fifteen hundred dollars allows himself to pay for a novelty, not all. How well will it all work? It is also unclear, because folding screens only began to penetrate into the gadget development industry. It is because of the folding screen phone and get so expensive.

    Lenovo patents a phone with a folding display.

    Developers will have to try very hard to make the new Razr successful - after all, the chips that made Motorola Razr popular 14 years ago are difficult to transfer to Android. The UI should be, if not perfect, then close to that, otherwise no one will buy the new product and all the efforts of the team of creators will be wasted.

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