How to become a game developer if you are a realtor

    Good afternoon, Habr.

    Two years and a few months ago, I wrote my first and only post here , having no experience in developing games, I created my first android application. Let him spend all his vacation at that time. Although it was hard to call it a game, hehe.


    You warmly accepted this post and it gave me a good push in the right direction. During these two years, I tried and learned a lot: I worked with 3D models, got acquainted with C ++, painted textures, recorded sounds, wrote texts and decks, but most importantly, I found a suitable development environment for myself, namely, the divine Unreal Engine four.

    I did not dare to write anything until I could do something that could please at least me. And I think I succeeded. It's nice to see that big and thorny path that was covered so that, starting from the picture at the beginning of the article, you can reach the point where it is under the cut;)


    A few months ago, I started working on a novelty game, the development of which I can complete on my own, along the way using developments from my other projects on UE4.

    A huge number of lessons available and a rather responsive community allowed me to plunge into studying the engine with my head, simultaneously combining all this with my main job. Sitting at the computer up to 3 - 4 am, I gained experience and gradually understood the limits of my capabilities.

    The game is a quest story from the 3rd person, where the player has to explore the city, which suffered a terrible fate. As you progress through, he will meet other characters, solve puzzles, explore the city and surroundings, get to know the world and try to figure out the reasons for what happened. One of my friends described the setting with the words: "A pacifistic cross between a Witcher and Dark Souls." By and large, the way it is, but with a hint of Howard Lovecraft.


    But screenshots are not everything. I even created a demo version of the game with one of the game locations, including music, lyrics, and voice acting of one of the characters. For voice acting, by the way, many thanks to the Studio GamesVoice, as well as to the actors Andrei Astrov and Konstantin Fedoseyev. Maybe it sounds like an advertisement, but the guys offered to voice the demo absolutely free.

    And he even went a little further, claiming his dislike for public speaking, making a video with a demonstration of the gameplay and presentation of the project for crowdfunding .

    You can download the demo via these links :
    Yandex.Disk 64-bit , 32-bit (Windows).

    Google Drive 64-bit , 32-bit (Windows).

    I would love to hear your criticism. Constructive and not very. In addition, I have no opportunity to massively test the optimization and stability of the game.


    I realized long ago that games are real art. Well, good games, of course. This is an extremely complex and harmonious product, parts of which must complement each other. If one of these parts does not work or is significantly lagging behind, the entire atmosphere of the game flies to hell with the dogs. That is what is happening in the gaming industry in the past few years, and served as a trigger for me to start developing. I hope someday I will be able to boast of my small piece, and maybe even a big one. After all, the appetite comes with eating.

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