Modern automotive industry - 02. Very tezisno about OS

    Regarding all potential news in the near future, I would like to very briefly say the following about AvtoAndroid:

    1. Readers, please - perceive this information in the key " ... one of the many operating systems on board the car has finally become the AutoAndroid version ... ".

    2. At the same time, this is only the OS version for the machine-human interface. No more.

    3. None of the security-important functions of this Android will not be controlled.

    4. All the most geek-interesting things in the car are tied to very different nodes and completely different OS, because:

    5. Android - it is not a real-time OS. And for real security, nodes with real-time OS are responsible - most likely with implementations of OSEK / AUTOSAR standards.

    The bottom line, if we draw an analogy with smartphones 7-8 years old, the news would look like: "Finally, for the first time in the world on smartphones, it will be possible to take advantage of all the benefits of the MS Office suite - now in a mobile version! "

    Until then,

    see you soon! Best regards & MfG

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