ThinkJava Conference # 8 in Kharkov

    We will not talk about the uniqueness of our event, as we are going to present reports, not unicorns. We will not lure you with buns in the style of certificates and promotional codes. We won’t make a funny website and don’t order a coffee break at Kopi Luwak. We are too busy preparing for the eighth Java, rehearsing reports, making sure there is no water in them, but only maximum information on the case and solely on the basis of real projects. So, if you are interested in knowledge, 2 speakers will share them on ThinkJava # 8 :).

    Dmitry Velikikh, “Structural Logging in Java”

    • talk about what approaches to logging exist, consider the advantages and possibilities of structural logging;
    • consider tools that allow you to effectively receive, store, process, analyze and visualize logs;
    • share the real experience of implementing the approach with structural logging in an enterprise application.

    Vyacheslav Tarasenko, “Implementation of the ETL process in Java”

    • talk about what the ETL process is, what steps it consists of and what it is used for;
    • compare the pros and cons of existing ETL solutions;
    • We will talk about some features of our implementation and how we went into production with it.

    Will take place : November 9
    Start : 19:00
    Location : Kharkov, st. Blagoveshchenskaya, 1,, a large hall on the 3rd floor
    Cost : free

    But at the end of the announcement, everyone usually gives a link to buy tickets. But we have been inviting javists for free for 4 years and 8 events, so we don’t break the tradition and give a link for registration - we must understand how many you will have and how much coffee to order :).

    See you!

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