July IT Events Digest

    June smoothly flows into July, and developer meetings are gradually moving to beaches and suburban recreation centers. This, however, does not interfere with professional communication: today we have on the agenda of a conference of various sizes, from chamber meetings to international events where Python, front-end, big data, information security and the future of mankind will be discussed in the context of scientific and technological progress, of course .

    Data Science Meetup # 8

    When: June 28
    Where: Barnaul, ul. Proletarskaya 117
    Conditions of participation: free of charge, registration is required

    Barnaul-style data analysis: a good opportunity for local big data specialists to spend an evening in informal communication with understanding people. The meeting will begin with a speech by the Associate Professor of Mathematical Analysis at AltSU on the ideas and algorithms of cluster analysis, and then smoothly flow into an exchange of professional know-how and free communication on related topics between all participants.

    Grid Dynamics UI Meetup # 2

    When: June 28
    Where: St. Petersburg, 22 Petrogradskaya Naberezhnaya, ATRIO Business Center Participation
    conditions:for free, registration is required

    The second front-end gathering in the office of Grid Dynamics. This time the program will consist of theoretical and practical parts. The first will be presented in two reports - on the pros and cons of using MobX on the example of the history of one and the project and on the XSS vulnerability, how it is exploited and in what ways you can protect yourself. During the practical part, guests will be offered several assignments and several prizes. As a bonus - breaks in communication with employees and the audience, food and an excursion around the office.

    AIST 2018

    When: July 5-7
    Where: Moscow, ul. B. Semenovskaya, 38
    Terms of participation: 8100 rubles.

    The scientific-practical conference considers both theoretical, and technical and applied aspects of the analysis of images, networks and texts. The program includes academic reports that are selected according to the standards of the prestigious Springer's Lecture Notes in Computer Science series, and workshops, where experts from the field of Data Science share their experience in using technologies in their projects. This time, the focus will be on issues related to natural language processing (classification methods, analysis practices, the use of big data). In parallel with the conference, a hackathon will be held in partnership with Santiment.net, during which the participant will analyze the data from the world of cryptocurrencies.

    Hackathon Caucasus

    When and where:
    Stavropol: July 6-8 (Karl Marx ave., 52)
    Makhachkala: July 13-15 (70 Imam Shamil Ave.)
    Grozny: July 20-22 (Kievskaya St., 45A)

    Conditions of participation: free of charge

    The Hackathon Caucasus competition opens its summer qualifying stage with a series of competitions. Programmers, designers and analysts are invited to show their talents in solving technological problems during a two-day non-stop hackathon. The best will be rewarded with prizes from partners and an invitation to participate in the finals with a prize pool of one million rubles. The presence of experts on the site will allow you to get advice if necessary and, grabbing an hour from working on projects, participate in workshops.

    Python Camp

    When: July 10-15
    Where: Sochi, Mountain Olympic Village, ul. Sulimovka, 6, Rosa Khutor resort, Rosa Plateau
    Terms of participation: from 15 500 rubles.

    Those who are familiar with the basics of Python have the opportunity to complement their skills in the idyllic setting of the southern highlands. The Flacon Design Factory invites those who wish to take a rarefied air from their residence in Sochi and take a short Python programming course using the Django framework. Under the guidance of an expert, the head of Beda.software and the organizer of the PiterPy conference, participants will create an application that meets modern standards and may receive a proposal for cooperation with studio partners.

    Educational weekend for IT professionals

    When:July 14-15
    Where: Innopolis, st. Universitetskaya, 1
    Terms of participation: 9000 rub.

    Talking about the future and networking in the Innopolis community. The program of the course covers the problems of building a career in several currently popular areas: robotics, blockchain, information security. Students and graduates of the university will tell about their own experience in paving the way in the IT field, and the administration will acquaint those who wish with local professional and educational opportunities. For high school students preparing for admission, the procedure will be described in detail, tours will be conducted and testing will be organized for enrollment outside the competition.

    PANDA Meetup

    When and Where:

    Penza - July 14, ul. Moscow, 27, the office of the company "My business"
    Tolyatti - July 21 (address to be confirmed)

    Conditions of participation: free of charge, registration is required

    A series of regional meetings for IT specialists of different levels, where you can enjoy live chat and exchange cases in an informal atmosphere. Next in turn is a meeting in Penza. Among the speakers, leading developers from local companies (multikey.studio, MethodExists, "My Business") were announced.

    PyCon Russia 2018

    When: July 22-23
    Where: Kaluga Region, Gribovka village (transfer from Moscow)
    Participation conditions: from 13 500 rubles.

    International Visiting Conference for Python Developers. Format: Lightning Talks, more than twenty reports on a wide range of topics, and then - rest and friendship of peoples at the afterparty. Representatives of local large companies (Yandex, Mail.ry, Avito, Tinkoff), as well as European and American experts are invited. The reports will deal with problems such as asynchrony, unit testing, tool selection, image assembly, the transition to serverless technology, the introduction of a service-oriented architecture, the creation of intelligent robotic systems and much more.

    IT Brain Battle Msk

    When:July 22
    Where: Moscow, st. Rusakovskaya, 24
    Terms of participation: 45 000 rub.

    The first intellectual programming tournament of the format “What? Where? When? ”Will be held as part of the IT Challenge Cup. We invite teams of IT companies with in-depth knowledge on relevant topics. The event can also be attended as a spectator, reporter or fan - these categories will be awarded in special nominations. The tournament will be held in two rounds of twenty questions, each of which the teams will collectively discuss for a minute. The author of the questions and the presenter is Mikhail Skpisky, a member of the elite circle, familiar with the game firsthand.

    IS code in Sochi

    When: July 26
    Where:Sochi, Estosadok, nab. Panorama 4, Rosa Khutor Ski Resort
    Conditions of participation: from 22 900 rubles.

    Information security, now in Sochi. Everything, as is customary in this series of conferences: thorough, lengthy, hour-long reports, the organizers are completely intolerant of “water” in all its manifestations, speakers are the current heads of I departments with extensive expertise and observations based on practical experience. The reports are divided into four semantic flows, which correspond to the four stages of the PDCA cycle - “Plan - Do - Control - Improve” and are accompanied by several master classes.

    IT-fest ULCAMP-2018

    When: July 27-29
    Where: 50 km from Ulyanovsk, turn to the village of Kremenki, the recreation center "Slavic Compound".
    Terms of participation: 3000 rub.

    All the components of the summer fest are here: a playground in the country, a stage on the beach, live music and outdoor activities. Well, actually the performance of IT specialists, of course. In total, seven sites are provided for technical and digital presentations, as well as five barcamps, where anyone who is visited by inspiration can become a lecturer. This year, the organizers will also test two new formats: firstly, press conferences for free communication with speakers, secondly, the night of fakap, the name of which speaks for itself - there you can learn about the unsuccessful decisions of successful people first-hand.

    Ural Geek Camp 2018

    When: July 27
    Where: Magnitogorsk, Abzakovo
    Terms of participation: from 500 rubles.

    IT, music, e-sports, technology and outdoor recreation - in general, a full range of entertainment of the digital age, fit in one weekend. 1000 representatives of the Ural community will leave their cities to spend two days on a joint platform for IT parties. The zones will cover a wide variety of areas of interest: rock concert, cosplay, snowboard contest, esports, and of course, IT Talks is a conference for developers of all stripes.

    IT Global Meetup # 13

    When: July 28
    Where: pos. Roshchino, Country club "Raivola"
    Terms of participation: 600 rubles.

    And another summer open-air conference. The program is a mixture of unusual formats and non-standard perspectives. The conference will be opened by representatives of regional communities, who, based on preliminary discussions at local meetings, will present their vision of current trends in areas of interest. Then the conversation will go through several streams on separate discussion platforms - a list of topics will be compiled democratically, based on surveys and polls. After lunch, participants will be able to cheer up and get to know each other during a session of cross anonymous blitz questions. And finally, the evening will be given to the barcamps, where the scenes will be open to all comers.

    Future in the City

    When: July 19
    Where:Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, 6, bld. 2, Imperia business complex
    Participation conditions: free of charge, registration is required

    At the congress of world technology market leaders from Russia and abroad, the future will also be the main topic of discussion - namely, how it is shaped by modern technologies in different spheres. Blockchain and its impact on the real sector of the economy, artificial intelligence in parenting, robotics in the professional scene, gender balance in modern business, anti-aging technology ... A great opportunity in an informal atmosphere to talk with those you usually see only in photographs.

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