AlphaGo beat Lee Sedola and the second game

    Google AI continues to win

    This photo is not a match, just a demonstration of the board and the game situation

    Computer systems have long surpassed humans in a number of games. The same chess - it is already very difficult for champions, if at all possible, to beat a computer. But there are also games in which a person is still superior to computer systems. Basically, these are games where you need to perform illogical actions or use intuition.

    One of the games where so far the person was stronger than the computer was considered go. As already reported, the game has a very limited number of rules. Two players place stones of two colors on a board of a certain size, the standard field is 19 × 19 lines. The goal of the game is simple: you need to fence off a territory larger than the opponent’s size on the board with stones of your color. Moreover, the number of variations is just a huge amount.

    On a small board, the number of possible positions of stones is approximately in googol ( 10,100 ) than in the same chess. This is more than the number of atoms in the universe. Modern computers simply can’t calculate all these options, to fully assess the situation, therefore, various kinds of programs for playing go corresponded to the amateur level. Before AlphaGo, AI from Google.

    Yesterday, this program defeated one of the world champions in go - Lee Sedol.

    This was the first of five games. Today the second game took place, and the computer again defeated the man. The game lasted five hours, but AlphaGo is still stronger. Below is a record of the game, plus a record of the post-match conference.

    Now players have 3 more meetings. But, since there are only five games, if the next time a person loses, then the outcome is already clear. If not, the person has a chance.

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    Who are you rooting for?

    • 54.2% per AlphaGo. He will defeat the people! 752
    • 23.2% For Lee Sedola 322
    • 22.5% I don’t understand this game at all, and I don’t root for anyone 313

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