Fitti Guard Tracker Reporting Dangerous Air Pollution Level

    Wearable electronics is an area that is just beginning to change qualitatively. Recently, the German company Active introduced a new development - a fitness tracker Fitti Guard. In addition to standard features like tracking steps, calories and monitoring sleep quality, the device can offer its owner something else. And no, this is not a heart rate monitor or GPS - Fitti Guard also has such functions, and they are already standard too.

    The new thing in question is the measurement of gamma radiation, the measurement of UV radiation, the determination of noise and air quality. Thanks to all these sensors, the device can tell you where it is better to avoid the sun, and from where you generally need to run so as not to inhale the polluted air.

    Fitti Guard is also capable of measuring air humidity or noise to determine if your bedroom is suitable for sleeping, or whether you should think about sound insulation and buying a humidifier. And this is just one way to use the device. As for the quality of sleep, an accelerometer is used to determine the activity of users moving during sleep - Fitbit Charge HR and Jawbone UP2 monitor sleep in about the same way.

    Other interesting features are the automatic determination of the type of activity - golf, basketball, tennis.

    In offline mode, the tracker can work for 21 days, after which the battery of the device must be recharged. However, if you use all the functions at the same time, the battery life of the device may decrease.

    The gadget should appear on Kickstarter, this will happen in March 2016. The manufacturer’s website is here , according to it you can track the development stages.

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