ZappLight: LED light bulb that also kills mosquitoes

    Although the Zika virus has not yet reached us, its mosquito carriers, even without the virus, are vile and nasty creatures. There is hardly a person who likes mosquitoes and who enjoys listening to their squeak. Hearing this sound, there is only one desire - to kill. And here comes the ZappLight LED killer light .

    A powerful 9-watt light bulb provides a luminous flux of 920 lumens of neutral white for normal lighting and shines even in ultraviolet light to attract insects. Here a surprise awaits them: an electric grid around the perimeter, which instantly kills animals. The net is protected by a housing with a grill so that the child does not accidentally put his finger there.

    You can turn on the lamp in white or UV-blue, or both modes can be activated at the same time. It is good to leave weak ultraviolet at night. LED elements are designed for 50,000 hours of use.

    The mosquito killing grid consumes 1 watts, plus 9 watts of LEDs. The manufacturer claims that ultraviolet effectively attracts mosquitoes from an area of ​​46.5 square meters. During testing, the bulb destroyed all twenty mosquitoes that were launched into the room within an hour.

    Light bulbs are already on sale for as low as $ 20.

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