Having decided to check the “broken” Fitbit-tracker, the American learned about his wife’s pregnancy

    Welcome to the future, where the Internet will know about your pregnancy before you know it

    Many modern handheld devices give accurate readings. Not all of course, but a number of models are characterized by significant accuracy of readings - and several companies actually produce devices whose accuracy is close to the accuracy of clinical devices.

    Fitbit also gives a good result, which was repeatedly written on the Medgadgets blog on Habré. A very interesting story happened to this tracker the other day. And it all started with the fact that the user of Reddit YoungPTone decided to ask the advice of knowledgeable comrades on the FitBit branch.

    “My wife’s Fitbit is constantly showing an above average heart rate. 2 days ago, on a typical day, she was in the “fat burning zone” (the term Fitbit) for 10 hours, which, in my opinion, is impossible based on her level of activity. But counting calorie burning looks fine ... I'm not sure if the sensor is not working properly. Is there a way to reset the settings or recalibrate the device? I would like to try this before contacting support with a request to replace the tracker, ”the user wrote.

    A few people started giving advice, but one advice caught the attention of a man. User Thatwasunpleasant said that she had previously had similar problems with Fitbit, and the reason was a two-month pregnancy.

    YoungPTone shared information with his wife, and it turned out that the probability of pregnancy is high. Well, and then (probably after testing the pregnancy test) on Reddit this message appeared:

    That is, everything turned out to be correct - the problem was not in the device, the woman who owned the Fitbit tracker turned out to be pregnant. And this affected the frequency of her heart rate, as well as many other indicators of the body.

    By the way, Fitbit recently released its new tracker, Fitbit Alta . Try it at work - do you also have a rapid heartbeat? :)

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