15 little things from the Middle Kingdom about which you would like to know

    Gone are the days when the phrase "Made in China" immediately spoke of the low quality of the goods. Today it is there that you can buy the right ones at affordable prices, and sometimes extremely unusual and creative things. Borders are erased, and orders travel across the globe to their rightful owner, so we can assume that a part of the Celestial Empire is already near you.

    Well, in order to make it easier for you to navigate in this stormy ocean of offers, we suggest you get acquainted with the TOP-15 little things from China, which you would like to not only learn about, but also to purchase for yourself. Go?

    1. A flash drive with a combination lock for $ 20.84 *

    Netac U618 USB 2.0 - a nice device that improves data security. 16-64 gigabytes of data that no one has access to, except you. There are no traces of entering a password on the computer, plus, the latter is easily replaced and installed without connecting to a PC. As an added bonus - an antihack function.

    2. Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Smart Bracelet for $ 18.99 *

    This gadget makes our life a little easier. You will not miss a single call or SMS, as the bracelet is synchronized with your smartphone and gives a vibration signal. Xiaomi Mi Band 1S, unlike its previous versions, is equipped with a heart rate monitor, which will help you monitor your condition while playing sports. An irreplaceable trendy thing for those who love an active lifestyle.


    3. A hammock for a cat for $ 5.23 *

    Make a profit for your pets (yes, because such an invention is quite suitable not only for cats, but also for small dogs). Warm, comfortable, reminds of the true roots of the beast, and also allows you to get rid of the meowing and barking orgy and, possibly, save a few slippers.


    4. Finger drum kit for $ 11.45 *

    If you dreamed of becoming a real drummer, but today you are working in a completely different field, forgetting and thinking about a world tour, then you can still get it back! All you need is a little ambition, your fingers and a drum kit (and no complaints from the neighbors because of the noise).


    5. A mug that likes to make coffee whipping for $ 9.99 *

    Throw away all teaspoons as unnecessary. The mug itself will stir everything (thanks to the presence of a special mechanism that works on simple finger batteries) - you just have to enjoy the taste of your coffee. The secret of a happy morning is open!


    6. Alarm clock that can be shot for $ 19.09 *

    Perhaps your recovery will not be so painful if you carry out the routine and very unpleasant process of "waking up" as a secret agent. To keep the alarm clock silent, show accuracy and hit directly into the “heart” of the target with a shot.


    7. Stick a mirror on the wall for $ 2.94 *

    Many horror stories tell about mirrors. For example, you can’t look into the broken, and you can get hurt. Not! The Chinese came up with a 3D sticker in the form of a mosaic, which will create a mirror surface wherever you wish!


    8. Ice cream machine - not a luxury for $ 65 *

    If a machine is not a luxury, but a means of transportation, then an ice cream machine is a means of saving a person from the heat, as well as from a million troubles, because ice cream works wonders - a proven fact. Just offer the device the fruits that you have, and it will create sweet magic.


    9. Organizer for remotes for $ 11.95 *

    How many remotes do you have at home? You’ve lost count and turn on the air conditioner instead of the TV, or do you lose everything at once together? The Chinese again rush to the rescue - a convenient organizer. Everything is in place, nerve cells are no longer wasted.


    10. Reading is the light! $ 2.56 book reader *

    Amazing highlight for the book will allow you to read when you want it. Even if a zombie apocalypse sets in and the power goes off everywhere, you can spend some time reading what you started with enthusiasm.

    11. May the cotton candy be with you for $ 47.99 *

    A stylish and extremely useful device for creating cotton candy at home. Childhood dreams come true. Quickly, simply, inexpensively, and do not be surprised if a line of friends who also crave cotton wool line up to visit you.


    12. Dust has no chance. $ 1.69 Cleansing Lizun *

    If you still think that only a rag, brush or, in extreme cases, Freken Bock can handle the dust, then you are mistaken. Dust can do nothing against ... gel. At the same time, you get bonuses in the form of a pleasant smell, the absence of damage to surfaces, as well as free time that you can spend on what you want. An upgrade of the good old lizunov for the benefit of society.


    13. What do pizza, omelettes and toasts have in common? $ 89.99 pizza-cupcake-cookie-cutter *

    They are similar in that they can be cooked in this machine. By the way, and not only them. In general, she fries, and soars, and bakes, so the whole range of dishes is simply impossible to list. You get a one-stop cook for the kitchen at a ridiculous price. Thank you, the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom!


    14. "The house that Jack cheated" for $ 635 *

    This item on the list is a relative trifle for your own home. Nowadays, apartments are not cheap, cottages are also, but the Chinese have come up with the ideal solution for those who do not want to start a mortgage or simply want to expand the list of their real estate. An inflatable bubble tent, which is nevertheless quite voluminous, with a certain degree of imagination, is quite capable of replacing the whole house. So the property in the end is still more movable. That does not change his genius. Introverts will appreciate.


    15. A pianist is not born. Piano Gloves for $ 18.99 *

    Want to play the piano on the ... table? No problem! And on a fallen tree? And again, yes! How is this possible? The piano gloves from our Chinese friends will give you such super-ability. Any surface is now transformed into keys. They have a built-in speaker, 8 instrumental sounds are offered right away, coupled with the same number of background rhythms. You will be delighted, as 6 demo songs are attached to all this splendor. The sound will not keep you waiting.


    Of course, this is not all the interesting things that can be found in China. Each of you, inspired by our selection, will be able to go on his own fascinating journey and choose the best solutions for improving your own life and coloring it with bright colors of positive!

    That's all, with you there was a simple service for choosing complex equipment.Dronk.Ru . Do not forget to subscribe to our blog and YouTube channel , there will be many more interesting things.

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