Two days in the life of engineer Tsypin

He wrote a short story, thought it over and decided to post it. For a long time I read GT and the fantasy of local authors really motivates. Although the subject of the story, I must say, is very different from previous author publications, instead of anti-utopias and science fiction we have ... Something else. But let the local audience decide whether this is interesting to her.

The action takes place in a fictional world called Nero. Please do not be afraid of local words and names.
All the details of this little story are fictitious, coincidences of places, countries and people are random.

The text under the cut.

Alexander Arnoldovich Tsypin was driving in a car and marveled. First of all, he marveled at the very fact that he was driving in a car: at home he could only afford a train ticket. But AeroTech, which invited a promising specialist from the Socialist Alliance of Feron to exchange experiences, turned out to be surprisingly generous and provided Tsypin with a personal car with a driver. While traveling on this miracle of engineering thought through the small creative town of Eastville, the dwarf was very surprised by another circumstance - the town was surprisingly rich. No, Tsypin did not particularly believe the rumors about the global poverty of the working classes in the capitalist countries and all that ... But it was even too much, the dwarf had the impression that the town simply stood on some kind of gold mine, all over its area.

Meanwhile, the car drove up to a large building with the AeroTech signboard, equipped with a high spire, with the airship tied to the spire. It looked rather unusual. The airship hung in the air and swayed a little in the wind, although it could not swing very much: additional ropes tied it around the perimeter to the square near the building. Tsypin clicked his tongue and got out of the car, nearly knocking down the driver’s door, who had already approached this door to open and help an important guest come out.

With every step into the building, Tsypin liked it more and more and he was even somewhat lost. Inside, he was met by an extremely polite, smiling security guard - not like the sullen fat man whose drunken face the dwarf had to watch every morning at the entrance to his research institute. And in general it was somehow pleasant, easy, there was not that oppressive atmosphere to which he was accustomed to at home.

Tsypin stood at the director’s office, knocked and went inside.

- Hello! - greeted him in a dwarven style with a pronounced crest accent. And they continued already in the Creation, which the dwarf actually owned quite well. - Alexander, right? My name is Robert Kollers, I have been expecting you for a long time, take a seat!

The dwarf accepted the invitation, sat on a leather sofa and looked around. “Yes, even we do not make furniture out of such good wood, richly ...”

- Do you want coffee or tea?

- No, thanks ...

- How do you like the city? No incidents on the road?

- Khem, thank you, everything is fine. No, there was an episode, of course. When I sailed on the boat, I saw some strange movement in the distance. I don’t know, I can’t estimate the distance, but far away. The people then were terribly scared, fussed! They say kraken ... True, this thing didn’t swim closer to us, it dived right away. Or maybe it was all kind of a mirage. Carried in general.

“Yeah, yeah ...” - apparently, the director of the corporation did not listen very carefully, obviously thinking about something of his own. - As I understand it, are you with proposals for cooperation?

Tsypin patted his briefcase with his palm.

- There is some. I would like to get to the point. The fact is that our country now wants to begin the development of military aircraft: airplanes and airships. We need to catch up with the lag in this area, since we are more advanced nevertheless in ground and underground technology. Research Institute of Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics The Reynolds, whom I represent, is particularly involved in the implementation of this plan. As I understand it, your company is engaged in the construction of airships. Perhaps you will share your experience, show the production process ...

- Absolutely! My colleagues and I will be happy to show you everything and tell you, we have provided tours for you. And after that it will be possible to raise the question of cooperation.

- Yes, perhaps for the first time we really will have to purchase some components ... We will also need to somehow solve the helium issue, perhaps you will recommend a supplier to us. And is it true that crystalline hydrogen can be used?

- Ummm, I don’t know about components, helium and hydrogen, our company, unfortunately, does not deal with this.

- Yes? I guess I didn’t understand something then. Do you only build?

- What are you, no! Our activities are more narrow and professional. We do not deal with the airships themselves, we are engaged in signs to them.

- Signs? - surprised the dwarf. - Do you put signs on them? Produce some special, waterproof paint?

- No, not at all. We are responsible for the design.

- Signage design?

- No, not a signage. The letters on the signs.

- Design ... letters?

- Yes exactly. Rounding.

- Rounding?

“The design of the rounding of letters for signage on airships,” Mr. Kollers said proudly.

- That is, you are not engaged in the airships themselves? - Alexander Arnoldovich was lost. “In vain I came to such a distance ... But I’m guilty myself, I had to learn more about them before the trip.”

- How not to do? I said we are designing rounding letters for airship signs, - the director struck out the last word and took an album from the desk drawer, then got up and went to Tsypin. - Here, look at our catalog, I'm sure you will be interested in this and you want to buy one of our designs. Or we can even develop a new one for you. We are ready to make a good discount for our new foreign partner. Say ten percent! What do you think?

The dwarf absentmindedly leafed through a catalog with letters and squiggles, between which he saw almost no difference.

- Nuuuu ...

- Well, I agree with a fifteen percent discount. Nevertheless, not every day people come to us from the Feron Alliance to conclude a profitable deal.

- Yes indeed. It just seems to me that this is a bit wrong ... Don't get me wrong ...

An awkward silence hung, because the dwarf could not find the words for a polite refusal, and Kollers pretended not to notice the mood of his "client", and therefore dreamily rolled his eyes as if in anticipation of future cooperation.

Tsypin glanced over his office and saw a book on the director's desk.

- Are you reading? - He nodded his head towards the little book.

- A? Yes Yes. Already familiarized. I re-read at lunch breaks sometimes. Good book. Fairy tale.

- Interesting?

- Yes. I can briefly retell. She is about a princess and a young tanner. One very talented tanner made shoes for the princess. The princess was incredibly beautiful, the most beautiful in the whole world, and the tanner fell in love with her. He made her the best boots that he was capable of, and the princess really appreciated his zeal and his talent, so that in the end they became friends and did not spill water. And then the handsome prince arrived on a white raven’s horse, and the princess, without a second's doubt, left with him to the ends of the earth. The tanner did not endure parting with his beloved and cut his veins, he was found dead in his workshop.

- What a terrible story ...

- What? No, not at all! The prince and princess got married, and lived happily ever after, and died on the same day.

- Clear…

"No, I can not. I’ll probably refuse an excursion, ”the dwarf mused. “I’ll come to the hotel room, which I was promised, I will write my letters. I think it will be interesting for them to read about the creatures and their strangeness. Yes, oddities ... ”


The court session has been going on for quite some time. There were a number of humanoids in the hall, a judge sat in the center, and Tsypin, a representative of AeroTech and the prosecutor, who was just finishing to formulate the position of the plaintiff, coinciding with the position of the prosecutor’s office, on the sides. The defendant did not have a lawyer: he could not hire one, and both free, tied to this court, were on sick leave that day. The dwarf had to defend himself ... So, the prosecutor ended:

- So, the lost profit of AeroTech is estimated at 49 million universal currencies, and the moral damage caused to this organization by the defendant is 10 million standard units. However, the defendant is obviously unable to pay this amount, as well as a fine of $ 20 million. in favor of the state. Thus, the prosecution insists on the seizure of the property and life imprisonment in the Sailorsail Special Purpose Prison, according to Section 88ac of the Commonwealth Penal Code.

“Is that all, Mr. Prosecutor?” - the latter nodded and the judge immediately turned to the dwarf, who was neither alive nor dead. - Respondent, state your version of what happened.

Tsypin got up, took a deep breath, made himself ready, then took another breath and then answered:

- Your Honor. I do not understand the reasons why I am generally in the courtroom. Fair. I just wrote letters to my family, friends and colleagues at the Reynolds Research Institute. Is there anything illegal or forbidden in this? This is not the first time I'm leaving for a business trip to another country, and I always write letters. No violations or crimes have ever been noticed for me; I try to comply with the laws of the countries in which I am located. But this ... I just don’t understand what they accuse me of. I don’t understand how all these patents concern me, and where are they?

- It seems to me that the prosecutor clearly formulated his position. We are talking about the theft of intellectual property, namely the rounding of letters ...

- But what theft? This is my handwriting! My native handwriting. I used it when there were no such patents at all!

“Can you provide evidence?”

- No ... But I do not carry with me all sorts of pieces of paper and letters, I’m not a traveling bureau.

“That is, you have nothing to reinforce your words,” the judge summed up.

“But it's just absurd!” No matter how I print the letters, AeroTech patented all possible curves! That's all! - in desperation, the dwarf clutched his head. - I read this patent, domobraz in my ass! There is simply no way to write a letter and not break this one! Scum! Patent!

- I protest! - the prosecutor rose. - The details of the patent are not relevant.

“The protest has been accepted,” the judge nodded. “Defendant, speak to the point.” In addition, I demand that you respect the court: if you continue your abuse, the rest of the meeting will be held without you.

The prospect that his case could be considered not only without a lawyer, but also without himself, finally finished off Tsypin and he just shut up. His silence continued for about half a minute, until the judge turned to the dwarf again:

“Do you have anything else to add to the case?”

“No, your honor.”

“Okay,” the judge turned back to the clock hanging behind him on the wall. - Hm, my work day is already ending. Prosecutor, do you have questions for the defendant?

“Yes, Your Honor,” the prosecutor approached Tsypin, who looked at him with the gaze of herded game. - Mr. Tsypin, do you confirm the fact that the plaintiff has dedicated you to his latest, most relevant developments?

- It was just a catalog ...

- But it contained all the technical details, right?

“Yes,” the dwarf said through gritted teeth.

- Do you confirm that the letters attached to the case were written by you?

- Yes.

- In your opinion, it was the right thing on your part to take advantage of the plaintiff’s location and trust in you to copy his development in your letters?

- I protest! - Tsypin tapped the table. - He presents, as a fact, what still needs to be proved, and which actually did not exist!

- The protest is rejected. Mr. Prosecutor has already submitted to the court the results of an independent examination confirming his words. Answer the question.

- I did nothing wrong ...

- Answer essentially.

- I did not copy anything.

“I have no more questions, Your Honor,” the prosecutor concluded.

- Then I have to leave to make a decision ...

- Your Honor, I have a question for the plaintiff! - said Tsypin.

The judge once again looked at the watch, grumbled something, but allowed the defendant to ask a question, which he immediately took advantage of.

- The question is the following ... Whose money was used to finance the “independent examination”, which assesses the violation of your patent in my letters ?!

- I protest! - the plaintiff minted. - Sources of funding for independent expertise are not relevant.

- The protest is accepted. Defendant, do you have more questions or can we finish?

Instead of an answer, Tsypin, brought to a white-hot burning, kicked the table leg on which the plaintiff was sitting, as a result of which the defendant was instantly expelled from the room by ripened constables. Until the very last minute, the dwarf actively resisted justice, but in the end the latter triumphed.


Alexander Arnoldovich was given a life sentence, as the prosecutor with the representative of AeroTech wanted. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Socialist Alliance of Feron was very concerned about this incident and began active negotiations on the release of a citizen of his country, but at the moment, diplomacy, alas, did not lead to anything.

And the manager, who a couple of months ago proposed expanding AeroTech’s patent into several related categories (including personal correspondence), received a considerable prize for his work.

Thank you in advance for your criticism and comments, and thanks for reading!

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